Monday, September 26, 2016

France was the first country that banned plastic cups and talerzyków –

this is the effect of the wider actions of the French government in favor of the environment. In July France introduced a law forbidding supermarkets to give out plastic bags disposable, and, starting in 2017, plastic bags will also be removed from the sections with vegetables and fruit. For four years running restaurants and event organizers in the open air, will be forced to replace plastic utensils and Cutlery for those that can be composted.

According to the French Association for Health and the Environment (ASEF) in France is thrown 4.73 billion disposable cups. This makes 150 cups per second. Just 1 percent. of them is normally processed due to insufficient material.

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Ban criticized by the representatives of the packaging industry, who argue that the new law violates EU legislation in the field of free movement of goods. Also note that the energy required for the production of packaging, safe for the environment does not necessarily have to be environmental. Before that – as it seems – at the moment degradowalnych materials that can be used in combination with plastic and used as containers for hot food.

First country, which banned plastic bags was Bangladesh – it happened after the debris has blocked the system udrożnień during the flood. Next was South Africa, Kenya, China, Rwanda, Mexico, and some U.S. States. New York city has banned Styrofoam cups for coffee, and San Francisco by 2020 intends to get rid of plastic bottles. It is estimated that by 2010 the oceans were CA. 8 million tons of plastic garbage, and today this figure has increased.


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