Monday, September 26, 2016

NASA: in Europe was observed geysers of water vapor Virtual Russia

• NASA had the evidence “amazing activity” Europe
• the Presence of geysers of water vapour may indicate the existence of liquid water on Europa

last week, NASA reported that Monday during the press-conference will present evidence of “surprising activity” on Europa – moon of Jupiter. Soon, however, she explained on Twitter that it’s not about the discovery of extraterrestrial life.

previously, scientists believed that in Europe under a thin layer of ice extends a layer of a giant ocean. Since the mission of the Voyager probes (passed near Jupiter in 1979) and Galileo (spread out around the planet in the period 1995-2003), scientists argue about the exact fabrication the surface of the moon.

Presents only the results of observations of the Hubble telescope seem to confirm that under the crust of ice is liquid water. Scientists have noticed for the “amazing activity” – likely that the geysers of water vapor. Was observed near the South pole of Europe.

the group under the leadership of William Sparksa from the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore saw traces of geysers, watching Europe, passing in front of the disk of Jupiter.

the research Results must be published in Astophysical Journal.

the Moon Europe is one of the main objects in the search the possibility of life beyond Earth.


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