Monday, September 19, 2016

iPhone 7 for free is no joke. This is a gift for loyal customers T-Mobile – Pay’s Web

T-Mobile Poland has prepared a very pleasant surprise for its loyal customers. The network decided to give them a new Apple phone, that is iPhone 7 absolutely for free.

the Polish branch of T-Mobile, who has previously worked in our market under the brand name Era, celebrates 20 years presence in Poland. Because of this it was decided to reward the most loyal customers with an unusual present.

iPhone 7 for free? Such gifts gives T-Mobile its customers.

the Company said today that wants to evaluate those individuals who are associated with her agreement from the beginning of activities. Customers who signed the agreement on 16 September 1996, that is, until two decades ago, unless you were at the same time on another network, will receive this precious gift.

As noted by the representatives of the network, at the last press conference in Poland, another 53 people who have such an agreement. This means that the network will distribute the phones, which retail together are about 200 thousand. rubles.

How to answer a call in iPhone 7 for free with T-Mobile?

the Network announced that its representatives will be in touch personally with each of the 53 clients – not only in order to inform them about for a gift, but to thank them for 20 years. This is a very good gesture on the part of the network.

the Mobile will be transferred to the 23 of February or any other time that would be convenient for customers. The network can boast that it will be exactly the models of iPhone – we can assume that we are talking about phones with 32 GB of memory – or what they will have color, but it seems to me that customers will be delighted with this gift.

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