Monday, September 26, 2016

Manta SPK409 Hard Beat: cheap Bluetooth speaker with colorful flashing LED Gadzeto Mania

Several speakers Bluetooth is characterized by close design in slightly different forms and materials. Manta decided to stand out by putting on multi-colored backlight. What else can Beat a Premier Hard?

  1. What kind of power has a new speaker Manti?
  2. equipped with a SD card reader?
  3. roomy is its built-in battery?
  4. does the tuner?

Dynamic RGB backlighting

In the segment of wireless speakers more and more difficult originality. On the market debiutowały have device in almost every possible shape and size, made of any material known audio industry. Meanwhile, manta with his Hard to Beat proves that it is still there.

a New speaker with cylindrical shape equipped with RGB LED backlight, which is working in the rhythm play music. Its brightness can be adjusted using the buttons on the top cover of the speaker.

There are also buttons for switching serial audio files, start and stop playback. In turn, the basis is a USB connector, microUSB, card reader microSD, as well as a line-in Jack.

Multiple shipping methods

the Speaker is capacity of 12the sound source, we can interact with it via the input jack, microSD card, USB or bluetooth connectivity with a range up to 10 meters. The device automatically detects and plays MP3 files and WMA. Sound source thanks to the integrated tuner can be also radio stations.

Used in the dynamics SPK409 battery has 1200 mAh that is the value is pretty standard and requires specification of the maximum work time. The manufacturer is limited to a diplomatic “a few hours” of playback.

an Interesting product of incomplete specifications

SPK409 Hard to Beat the Prime Minister is ambiguous, and bark, leaves too many uncertainties. On the one hand, we have an interesting product different by design, with another – the lack of information about the size, weight, battery life or frequency response.

We look forward to the magazine release and tests because at a retail price of 99 UAH speaker can be interesting budget proposal for fans of mobile music playback and illumination gadgets.

Source: materials of press releases, Manta


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