Sunday, September 25, 2016

Snapchat changed its name and shows Glasses: sunglasses to record video Gadzeto Mania

Snapchat changes its name and unveils its first hardware product. His glasses with an integrated camera have to be a fashion addition for any smartphone. What are the chances of that?

  1. In what format sunglasses from Still record live?
  2. How much the operating time is designed to provide a built-in battery?
  3. How long movies can you perform?
  4. record without connect to a smartphone?

the First hardware from the social giant

Snapchat Inc. changed only the name Snap on Inc., in justification of putting the expansion of the company. Information came in media around the world, and it’s hard to be surprised – the company has grown into a market giant, wycenianego in the amount of 16 to 22 billion dollars In the United States alone brings in over 60 % of all users smartphone aged 13 to 34 years.

already Know what the product will offer after rebranding Snap. Will this Sunglasses with built-in on the right edge of a web camera equipped with a built-in battery, made in one size and 3 colors: black, Navy and coral.

a Wide frame and easy maintenance

Wide angle camera on the glasses captures video 115°, and her work points to the circle of LEDs on the left edge. Do not miss the appointment confirmation sent inside, but his details more than doprecyzowano. Glasses can be paired with a smartphone or independently, although the size of the internal memory is also not disclosed.

video Recording starts by pressing the button, and the default duration of the clip is 10 seconds. If necessary, we can extended to 30 seconds, each time returning the touch. Movies are written in the format… round that. The CEO is the Same, they provide more natural. View them, fortunately, on any device and screen orientation.

In the case of Apple devices, wireless communication is carried out by default through Bluetooth, while products androidowymi connected via Wi-Fi. This standard also provide a higher resolution passed records.

Battery is enough for whole day use, and attached the cover, which is both powerbankiem. sunglasses four times. The energy level will check by simultaneously pressing both edges of the frame points.

fate points in the hands of users

the Future of Glasses-a mystery even to chief the Same who has decided limited distribution product. A limited number of points yet this fall will go to first customers and will expect their views, and these will depend on the fate of your gadget. Soon we should also know more about its technical characteristics.

we don’t know what the recording resolution is performed, what is the real capacity of the battery which the internal memory is not any loss of image quality source to expect when cutting / compression of the frame to play either horizontally or vertically.

Reasons can be two: open an air of mystery, everything before the premiere or diplomatic concealment of deficiencies. The first of these can contribute to the commercial success and the other to make a decision about the niche nature of the points. Price Points will be $ 129.99.

Source: materials of press releases, Snap Inc.


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