Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Chlamydia in Measles. Szczecińscy scientists have found dangerous bacteria – Radio Eska

In the waters of the Oder was found chlamydię environment, a bacterium that causes disease in humans the respiratory tract. This is the first such case in Poland.

Her presence was discovered by scientists from the University Feodorovna. A water sample was taken from the Oder river in the area of the Shafts of the Brave.

this is the first case of chlamydia of the environment in Poland. Until now, these bacteria were observed, in particular in Austria, France, Spain, Israel, Germany.

the Bacterium can cause diseases of the respiratory tract, e.g. pneumonia or bronchitis in children. Catch it only droplet infection through the respiratory tract, for example through inhaled aerosol water. Not zarazimy through the wound or through the digestive tract.


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