Saturday, October 1, 2016

Variety of cuisine: international CZD has suspended planned receipts because of problems with water

• variety of cuisine: international Center for Child Health in Katowice – the biggest children’s hospital in the Silesian Voivodeship on Thursday after lunch to cancel suspended a planned admission patients, challenged the planned procedure and imposed a ban on visits to the offices.
• Reason is the contamination of water in network hospital. (

“Recommended to suspend the planned patients, cancellation of planned procedures and to unsubscribe to the homes of patients, not requiring hospitalization,” said hospital spokesman Wojciech Gumułka.

Working in the hospital until Friday to work fine.

the Decision to suspend the planned methods were made after the administration has received information on the results of periodic water quality test, which showed that the water from the inner setup of the object is not usable. The cause of contamination is not known.

cancellation is scheduled for Friday the hospitalized patients were informed by telephone.

“Immediately after receiving information regarding the quality of water in the hospital has taken appropriate measures, in particular, provided the necessary supply for human consumption and washing of the volume of bottled water for patients and staff,” said the hospital.

About problems with the water, said young patients and their parents, as well as all cells, organizational and other entities operating in the territory of the hospital. Adequate quantity of disinfectants.

“Until now, were not registered patients, carers or employees of any symptoms of poisoning and diseases that can result from water problems”, – assured the press Secretary.

In cooperation with the company Katowickie Water pipes the cleaning of the hospital setup. Internal installation of Outpost you went to the city’s water and Sewerage to bypass the fixed tanks to spare. Solved also flush the maximum allowable dose of chlorine, which should eliminate the cause of contamination.

Another study of water quality will take place on Friday morning. If the situation will return to normal, techniques and procedures should be resumed. Current information on this issue, the hospital will pass on your website

varieties of cuisine: international children’s medical Center. John Paul II (GCZD) is one of the largest children’s hospitals in Poland. Here are 24 dispensaries, and 16 specialized departments of the hospital, which operates eight clinics of the Silesian Medical University.

in a Year with a staff of more than a thousand employees, the institution takes about 17 thousand patients around the hospital, gives 60 thousand qualified outpatient consultations and 30 thousand. benefits in a Hospital emergency Department. GCZD in which the clinical hospital of the Silesian Medical University in Katowice, also implemented a comprehensive training program for foreign students in Poland and abroad. Hospital in Katowice-it is also the only resort in this part of the country, which deals with the treatment of diseases, rare and ultra-rare in children.

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