Thursday, September 1, 2016

Acer Predator 21 X – heavy players dream –

Acer Predator 21 X is a portable computer – even just in this case, the better seems to be the term “floating” – to act on the imagination of gamers. The used components could successfully hit the desktop gaming computer and create a very powerful machine.

the computer weighs 8 kg and does not fit in 99% of the available market backpacks – so you do not count that easily will be the it may have moved to a friend and play a few local fights. Even keeping it on your lap rather out of the question – and not just because of the bulky weight, but also the probable temperature.

The laptop is equipped with two NVIDIA graphics cards GeForce 1080 GTX working in SLI mode, which results in high performance gaming and a large amount of heat dissipation. Acer’s engineers obviously aware of this problem and have built in 21 Predator X five powerful fans (one of them can be admired during the work, as it has been placed under a specially created window in the housing).

Set the cooling will have to deal not only with two graphics chips, but also with the powerful processor family Intel Core i7. In addition to a warm companion cold winter nights – Prime Minister sprzedażowa Acer Predator X-21 is scheduled for January 2017 years – so you should also expect your loud – 5 fans is not likely to be quiet.

Acer Predator X-21 can be equipped with up to 64 GB of RAM and media SSD for up to 4 TB of data.

The image is displayed on a curved screen with a diagonal of 21 inches, presenting graphics at a resolution of 2560×1080 points (matrix IPS LED Backlit).

From the sound Predator 21 X boasts a speaker system SoundPound 4.2 + (4 speakers and 2 subwoofers), 3-directional sound distribution and support for the standard Dolby.

Given the size of the Predator 21 X should not be surprising that we managed to use the full-size keyboard with mechanical keys Cherry MX. the illumination color can be changed individually for each key, selecting from over 16 million colors RGB.

The most interesting here is, however, numeric keypad – you can rotate and turn the trackpad type Precision Touchpad.

The addition of facilitating the life of the players is system Tracking sight so that you can gaze tracking opponents and moving the screen without using a controller.

Price Acer Predator X 21 has not yet been betrayed – you can, however, expect that it will be a multiple of the sum, which comes to spend even on a Lenovo Y900. It will indeed noticeably less efficient, but it is more practical and less cumbersome to use.

You’d have where to put the Acer Predator X 21?


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