Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Almost 800 000 accounts with pornographic site Brazzers network –

 800 000 accounts one of the most popular porn sites in the world, Brazzers , leaked to the network after the broken security service. Details handed portal Motherboard and quickly managed to confirm the authenticity of the accounts. And despite the fact that the case involves a separate forum “Brazzersforum”, it is among the publicized data are also people who to him do not write their (accounts are shared between sites).

 The service leaked 790 724 e-mail addresses with user logins and passwords. Troy Hunt, creator Have I Been Pwned ?, which deals with network security verified this data by contacting the subscribers Brazzers, who confirmed that the information is true.

 Matt Stevens, or the person responsible for PR pornographic site, said the situation is similar to that of 2012, when the leaked account of Brazzersforum, and the responsibility for the situation they have to bear the vBulletin software developers, and not just Brazzers. It is this popular commercial script is also responsible for the recent leak of the parties GTAGaming and Epic Games. Stevens promised, however, that the approach to the matter very seriously and take appropriate measures to protect their users. At this point, the forum is disabled and is not yet known when it is restored.

 You have to remember that in this case we are dealing with more sensitive data than eg. In case of leakage from the forum about games. They contain information about users of sex and pornography, which you probably reluctant to want to share with the world.

 Of course, as always in such a situation it is recommended to change passwords on other sites, which use the same login information (which of course we should not do).



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