Saturday, September 3, 2016

Falcon 9 broke out on the Cape Canveral. Is this the end of the idea of ​​flight recoverable? – Policy

The satellite Amos-6, worth more than $ 200 million, was to help Facebook to reach out to remote and deprived areas of infrastructure in Africa, especially sub-Saharan to the people there provide free internet. A noble aim, but can be realized only in a later time.

The explosion happened on Thursday about the ninth hour, when the rocket Falcon 9 – belonging to the company Space X Elon Musk – passed the test point on the test platform in the center of the space Cape Canaveral, Florida. Uncontrolled reaction explosion occurred in the second stage rocket, which is used as a fuel of liquid oxygen. In the first, more Falcon driven up nine engines, the fuel is kerosene. The outbreak watched many people; was powerful and completely destroyed the rocket with its cargo.

At the moment still do not know what happened. Research and inspection progress. Fortunately, none of the service platform does not suffer, because the test procedures ignition prohibit human habitation nearby. This is, unfortunately, not the first problems faced by the company Space X in April 2014. Rocket successfully reached in the commodity space capsule Dragon with equipment and supplies to the International Space Station. In July of the same year, the Falcon flew to place the satellite in orbit.

Even then, the basic backbones rockets had to return back safely, they can be reused. This is the idée fixe head of the company Space X, Elon Musk – make Falcon rocket recovered, after completing the mission could go back to Earth and continue to serve.

Unfortunately, both Falcony 9 were destroyed during landing. That was in 2014. It was not until the flight from 22 December 2015. Failed. Falcon 9 launched from Cape Canaveral and placed in orbit several satellites. Then the first part of the rocket separated from the other and headed toward Earth.

After 10 minutes, returned safely to the landing and upright settled on it. It’s quite a success and an important date in the history of space flight. Falcon 9 has proven fact that the rockets close to realizing space missions may be of the return, which can be used many times.

The current disaster will delay the program Falcon rocket company Space X. However, experts soot that vision Muska is correct and rocket return in the future will be widely used for orbital flights.


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