Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Lenovo Miix 510: The latest edition of efficient hybrid laptop and tablet – Gadzeto Mania

Microsoft Surface blazed the trail for the segment really interesting devices. Lenovo’s new model clearly confirms this, and its components predict performance and mobility to a whole new level. What surprised us Miix 510?

  1. In which components are equipped Miixa 510?
  2. is the keyboard is illuminated?
  3. what time work is to provide built-in battery?
  4. Do you use it to Charge other devices?

Continuation of the successful product line

Success simpler devices with a series of Lenovo Ideapad Miix encouraged to create a true flagship product of the series. Miix 510 will deliver highest performance without sacrificing the existing strengths of these hybrids – mobility and compact dimensions.

With the diagonal touch screen 12.2 “tablet has dimensions 30.0 × 20.5 × 0.99 cm and weight of 900 g. the keyboard thickness increases to 15.9 cm, and the weight to 1.25 kg. The enclosure is made of aluminum, and built-in stand allows support tablet at any angle in the range of 150 °. The stores Miix appear in two colors: silver and black.

Processors Skylake and disputes battery life

for the smooth operation of the unit will be responsible Intel Core i7 sixth generation, up to 8 GB of modern RAM type DDR4 and the SSD with a capacity of up to 1 TB. Screen resolution is FullHD +, or 1920 × 1200 pixels, and a set of connectors consist of USB 3.0, USB 3.0 Type C, słuchawkowo & amp; hairsp; – & amp; hairsp; microphone audio jack and optional microSIM (LTE).

Connectivity standard already provide bluetooth (version 4.0) and 802.11ac WiFi card. The speakers support Dolby Audio, and the keyboard depending on the model will be illuminated or classical. Specification complements the 5 MP front camera and a rear 2 MB, as well as battery provides eight hours of work . Miix 510, like its predecessors, is running Windows 10.

mobility and convenience without compromise

In the case of Miixów based on Intel Atom processors likes to speak about the product led only to some users, this time, however, is quite different. Performance model 510 can already successfully replace the classic notebook to give more convenience and portability to use a computer.

the success of new products will also provide additional features Miixa, such as charging devices with a USB port and support for an optional stylus Lenovo Active Pen. Versatility and a huge number of applications is the Strongest party . Sales will start in early October, at a price of 699 € (The set includes a keyboard and a stylus).

Source: press releases, Lenovo


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