Thursday, September 1, 2016

Parliament Speaker: There is no option of resignation from office the President of Warsaw –

Schetyna asked on TVN24 that is considering a variant resignation of deputy head of the Platform Gronkiewicz-Waltz, the president of Warsaw in connection with irregularities concerning the decision of restitution, he said: “There is no option, therefore, that the President Gronkiewicz-Waltz needs to clarify this issue, perform activities that explain the matter. Poles of Warsaw need to know where they were irregularities. “

inquired, he said he will not be persuaded to step down Gronkiewicz-Waltz. “I can not allow this to resignation of Ms Gronkiewicz-Waltz gave Warsaw the hands of PiS, and not as a result of the election, which PiS never in Warsaw did not win – deeply believe in it – just an administrative decision,” – said Schetyna.

According to him, the audit announced by the President of Warsaw should be carried out by an external company.

on Thursday afternoon at the request Gronkiewicz-Waltz will be held extraordinary session of the Council of Warsaw ws. reprivatisation. Mayor of Warsaw is to present information including on. real estate returns in the years 1990-2016. Perhaps the committee will be set for. Reprivatisation.

Recently, the controversy has raised the matter of the plot next to the Palace of Culture, the former at Chmielna 70. City returned it in 2012. In private hands, even though earlier b. Co-owner of the property, a citizen of Denmark awarded her compensation under an international agreement. The value of the plot is estimated up to 160 million zł.

At the end of August, “Gazeta Wyborcza” described the circumstances of the re-privatization of the plot Chmielna 70; He reported that in 2012. acting on behalf of three lawyers (who claims to have acquired the plot of heirs) mec. Robert Nowaczyk received from the then deputy director of the Bureau of Land Management James Rudnicki’s decision to return the plot – Rudnicki a few weeks later quit his job in the town hall. According to the “GW” in 2012. Rudnicki and Nowaczyk united business relationships – co-owners of real estate in Zakopane.

Last Friday Gronkiewicz-Waltz said that the return of the plot at the Palace of Culture was willing, and are responsible municipal officials. Announced the release of the director of the Bureau of Land Management Marcin Bajko, his deputy George Mrygonia and Krzysztof Śledziewskiego of BGN working on the decision of returnable for Chmielnej 70. Bajko he had resigned on Monday, but the town hall points out that this does not change the procedure of his dismissal. Bajko claims that he was pomówiony, promises to assert their rights.

In addition, Gronkiewicz-Waltz announced audit, appointment of committees ws. Reprivatization and withholding returns in the city.


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