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iPhone 7 with a great camera, boring Watch 2 wireless headphones. Summary of the conference Apple –

During the just completed conference, Apple announced several new products. The most important was, of course, the iPhone 7. Apple tried to convince us that its flagship phone is innovative. Admittedly, it has several characteristics that can confirm this.

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Important Changes

iPhone 7 certainly is not revolutionary, but it certainly does not disappoint. The new smartphone Apple gained on both the outside and inside. The first thing that strikes the eye is the new finish. Shiny black looks very prestigious and elegant. It draws attention to the lack of specific antenna strips that adorned / marred the back of the iPhone 6 and 6S.

confirmed the leaks about the port słuchawkowego- been removed. The only physical port on the device is now a Lightning connector. 7 iPhone users, however, will be able to listen to music using conventional headphones – Apple provides the appropriate adapter.

The most important moment of presentation: the camera

Apple aware of the fact that it can not fall behind competitors. Since Huawei presented in his model dual camera giant of Cupertino had to demonstrate. And he did it. This is not a groundbreaking idea, but impressive.

 iPhone 7 photo. Screen /

The second camera provides the ability to use dual optical zoom – without blurring and loss of quality. The larger of the iPhone is also equipped with the bokeh. Thanks to it, we can take pictures with a characteristic blur the background.

Both iPhones are equipped with a matrix of 12 MP with Optical Image Stabilization and aperture f / 1.8. Apple boasted the new image processor (ISP). If we add to this the lamp with flash technology, True tones and four LED lamps, we can be sure that the iPhone 7 will guarantee us an excellent photographic experience.

An important function of the iPhone is also a special arrangement, which in just 0.25 seconds make appropriate adjustments.

Specification looks solidly

Apple gave a value that describes how fast should be a new iPhone. His heart is a 64-bit, quad core A10 Fusion with 3.3 billion transistors. It is about 40 percent faster than the A9, 2 times faster than the A8. And that much more frugal than their predecessors. Productivity increased also for the layout. Fans will have something to enjoy.

Phone now has to handle applications that until recently were reserved for the computer. One of them is Adobe Lightroom, which, according to Apple, has 90 percent of the functions of the fixed version.

Who knows, maybe the next iPhone will be “a computer in your pocket,” about which so much dreams Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft?

price does not matter

In the case of the most important flagowców, the price does not matter. That is why the iPhone 7 will cost 3 349,00 zł (32GB version). The 128 GB version you will have to pay 3 879,00 zł and 256GB versions: 4 399,00 zł.

for iPhone 7 Plus you will have to pay a minimum of 3 949,00 . The most expensive version was valued at … 4 999,00 zł.

iOS 10 is to be charged news

Presentation iOS 10, the latest mobile system Apple, was exceptionally modest, but concrete. Apple has ensured that the system will literally charged novelties, also recalled the most important, we met at the conference WWDC.

Changes that Apple introduced the latest version of the mobile system should make use of the iPhone comfortable. One of ensuring that the new function “Lift to unlock.” Just take your iPhone to hand, that this alone is snapped and displayed a start-up screen. Convenience is also to ensure wider integration assistant Siri – will now also support applications downloaded from the store . Apple, like Google, are used to sort and describe images artificial intelligence.

 Pi & # x119; & # x107; most & #  x17C; important function iOS10 Photo . Apple

The new iOS will be even better able to cope with the appropriate cataloging objects and people. More personal communication will be provided by function ReachLinks. content such as movies, parties that send via instant messaging, they will open much faster. In addition, the communication will be enriched with virtual backgrounds, such as falling confetti and stickers .

Apple strongly developed or application associated with smart house . Cupertino giant ensures that has partnered with all the major manufacturers sensor . It can be operated from a single screen.

look very promising also Map – have been completely redesigned.

Wireless Revolution Apple AirPods

 AirPods Fig. Apple

Apple also showed a premiere product that looks very interesting. As for the wireless headphones AirPods. At the market they do not lack, however, Apple tried to distinguish a few features. Firstly, it looks interesting pairing them with iPhone, or Apple Watch. Evaporation known devices with Bluetooth is not. Out of the box, which also serves as a charger, iPhone will detect a new device and asks only to confirm the Connect button. “There is no step two” – we heard from the stage.

Headset can play music for five hours, and when inserted into the package will be automatically charged. The packaging is in turn connected to the charger Apple.

AirPods integrates well with Siri.

AirPods Fig. Apple

This indirect way of energy management appears to be a compromise, but you have to admit that Apple has shown a sense here. It is difficult after such use headphones for longer than a few hours.

AirPods headphones have a built-in microphone, accelerometer, optical sensor. Operates them a special arrangement – W1.

Apple unveiled a few other models of handsets and announced that it will vigorously develop this product line.

Apple Watch Series 2 – great results mixed of boredom …

the premiere of a new version of the watch Apple Watch was a bit disappointing. On the one hand, Apple boasted of the results – the company jumped to second place in the ranking of best-selling watches. It is undoubtedly a global success. We also saw a new version of the software, which makes the watch Apple Watch 2 excellent tool. Traditional “Glances”, or shortcuts to applications withdrawn from the bottom of the screen have been replaced by “the Dock”, resembles the way you move cards in the task manager iOS. In addition, several new discs, the ability to share their physical activity. You can also use animation in the news, run the option SOS or control your house. Using the watch can unlock Mac and pay through Apple Pay (obviously not with us).

Inside the watch is powerful. It is equipped with a new dual-core processor SiP, the new GPU, better, brighter display. The most important change, however, is the built-in GPS. The new watch is water-resistant and waterproof to a depth of 50 meters.

Watch Apple has been only slightly redesigned, critics say, then, that still looks a bit hard and still is operated with a knob.

New Apple Watch Series 2 will cost $ 369, also a version of Nike. In addition, the reduced price of the first generation of watches for $ 269. You can order on 9 September in the pre-September 16, will be available as normal. On the version of the Nike will have to wait until October. The new version WatchOS 3 will be available on 13 September.

It seems that the company’s technology market ubieralnych is not a priority, and certainly not this year. Still the most important is the iPhone, which only in 2015 accounted for 66% of sales of the whole Apple.

iWork – work in a group

iWork allows & # x17C ; it possible  now works & # x119; in the Fig. Apple

Apple unveiled a new feature of its iWork, which now supports the function of co-working. Using any Apple device – computer, tablet or phone, different people can work together on a document applied to such corrections. Apple does so clear nod to business users. The new iWork to compete with solutions such as Google Docs or Office Live.

Apple shows that he still has a claw

iPhone 7 should be a better phone than the iPhone 6s due to the increased performance, improved camera and the screen. Apple did not provide a revolution, but this, according to media speculation, he left himself for next year, when we see the jubilee smartphone.

Apple is developing at the same time a lot of different products and services. With each year they are becoming more innovative. The Apple is still energy, even though today’s launch can certainly leave a slight deficiency. Only if smartphones are able to surprise us with something else?


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