Wednesday, September 7, 2016

7 iPhone, iPhone 7 Plus and Apple Watch 2 – Apple shows new –

Apple Watch 2 – refreshed and improved version of the smart watch

An important device in Apple’s portfolio is Apple Watch. During today’s conference saw the daylight new version of this smart watch. The first novelty in it implemented a more advanced waterproof. Previous watch this company was only resistant to splashes. The new grant is also for swimming and immersion to a depth of 50 meters.

Another novelty is much more efficient components . Now watch Apple has a dual-core processor more efficient by up to 50 percent. the previous one. Improvement has also a small display, which is much lighter. More importantly, the watch is equipped with a GPS module, the lack of which was the biggest problem of the first version.

Interestingly, Apple Watch 2 … looks almost the same as the first Apple Watch. Those who like to stand, will have to find some solution to differentiate themselves from the holders of the first variation of the watch Apple. May be the version of choice, the casing is made of a ceramic material ….

This device important for the Cupertino company, among other things because according to analysts Apple the company is number two on the list of watch manufacturers behind Rolex (meaning probably about revenues, not the number of watches produced). Millions, if not billions of dollars are waiting so on the table. A new watch will cost $ 369 …. In Polish conditions, you have to expect so prices in the vicinity of 2000 zł.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus – new smartphone Apple

By far the most electrifying and awaited novelty had to be (and was!) iPhone 7. Available in two versions. Minor, iPhone 7 and larger iPhone 7 Plus. Their appearance has not changed much since the launch of the iPhone 6. Now the design has to be a bit more uniform and neat. Both models are compliant with IP67, which means that they are waterproof and dustproof. It’s quite a novelty anticipated that the competition offered for several years.

One major improvement is to be a new system of photo-video. Besides a better sensor, which provide a wonderful reflection of details attention lens with f / 1.8, which is expected to provide a lens much more light when shooting in difficult lighting performed. A similar improvement has decided to Samsung during the premiere of the seventh views its masthead smartofna, Samsung Galaxy S7 (where the camera has an aperture of f / 1.7).

camera Resolution has not changed since the iPhone 6S and also here will amount to 12 megapixels. Resolution front camera is 7,000,000 pixels. It could not miss either the optical image stabilization, which will ensure that the slight vibration when taking pictures not affected the unwanted movements of the frame.

A slightly more advanced optical system receives a larger version with a note “Plus”. Confirmed rumors that talked about the appearance of as many as two camera lenses on the back of the phone. One of the cameras will be responsible for wide-angle shots, the second a little smaller. Moreover, implementation of the second objective is to translate into the ability to shoot with two optical zoom and … depth of field.

has also refreshed the display. A new variant of the Retina screen will be brighter, like the previous support for the 3D Touch and above all show a much more vivid colors. Will it be enough to catch up with the absolute best at the moment Super AMOLED screens installed in Samsung’s flagship smartphones? We’ll see.

Quite a big emphasis was put on the new audio solutions. The first curiosity is to be an additional speaker located in the vicinity of the connector Lightning. Thanks to the voice coming from the speakers will be stereo. The second novelty, quite loudly discussed before the presentation is the lack of classic headphone jack. From now on cable audio accessories built to work with the iPhone to be connected just to the connector Lightning.

Fortunately, the set is to find a free adapter, which enables you to connect the classic headphones with a minijack to the new Apple phone. Additionally, the set does not run out of new handsets EarPods, which now will operate only with the connector Lightning.

The sale will be available also special, a wireless version of the EarPods headphones. They serve not only as a handset, but also a headset with integrated microphone. Each handset is to provide up to 5 hours, and the charging is done through a small wireless station. Their price is not yet known.

The heart of the smartphone will be a new system of Apple A10 Fushion consisting of up to 3.3 billion transistors. According to the assurances Apple employees to be the most powerful system used on your smartphone. Despite the higher performance new phones are supposed to operate up to two hours longer than the previous ones. Very carefully examine these statements during the tests that you read on websites and

Latest Apple phones are to be available initially in five colors: silver, pink, matte black, gold and – the most prestigious – the glassy black, called “Jet black” . Price? $ 649 (approx. 3300 zł) for a smaller version with 32 GB of memory and $ 769 (approx. 4000 zł) for version 7 Plus with 32 GB of memory.

What’s New in app Store – the popularity of Apple Music, developing features iWork appear Nintendo

During the presentation also mentioned about the progress that has been made on the platform Apple Music. This container is available in the form of streaming music used around the world as many as 17 million users – a number almost half the size of the number of subscribers a competitive service Spotify. As part of the Apple Music fans will be able to participate for free in a virtual festival iTunes Festival.

also mentioned games Nintendo, which for the soon to be available for users of iOS. The list starts with Super Mario Run, which is to be paid and the application will be available around Christmas. Interestingly, the representative of Nintendo announced that the games of this company will be available not only for Apple phone. Thus, Nintendo is trying to make up the gap, which was created as a result of ignoring the mobile market by the Japanese giant video game.

Impressive looks also the number of all downloads in the app Store. Download Count from the start of this platform has already exceeded 140 billion. It’s almost 20 applications per capita Earth …

A moment of attention was also devoted to the development of applications iWork, or simple package text editing applications, creating spreadsheets and presentations. Now, this package is designed to enable simultaneous operation of multiple users on the same document. But the truth is that competitive solutions (such as Microsoft Office and Google Docs) use this kind of technology for a long time.


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