Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The biggest changes will bring Apple iPhone 7 – Virtual Poland

  Already today, in the evening time Polish Apple will present the latest incarnation of its iPhone 7. Thanks to the numerous leaks of rumors and speculation, we have prepared a summary of what elements of the latest iPhone will be the best.


iPhone 7 will have a better camera

 We know for sure that the larger incarnation of Apple’s new phone, tentatively identified as the iPhone 7 Plus will be equipped with a camera with two lenses. The solution is excellent in Android phones, so that images are much sharper and can be made with a much worse light. Photographs made dual cameras also have a much better contrast than those taken with single.

 Photographs and diagrams circulating the net suggest that plain iPhone 7 will also be modified camera. With more diagonal lens we can actually be confident that, like device with two cameras, you will also be able to perform much better photographs at much lower light. Hope for a better camera is the greater, the reigning until recently in mobile photography Apple was chased by the competition – even the Samsung Galaxy S7.

iPhone 7 will have a new color

 First, the new iPhone was supposed to be dark – at least suggested the first rumors and renders the body of the phone. But in the end everything indicates that the latest Apple handset is black and the dull. The new color will replace the gray-black device called by the manufacturer Space Gray. As it turns out, is not the only change that Apple is preparing us. Recent leaks suggest that the iPhone 7 will also be available in black gloss. If this is true, it looks like that the latest iPhone will be played in five, and not so far in four colors – silver (silver), gold (gold) rose gold (pink), matte black (matte black) and glossy black (black finish).

iPhone 7 will have more memory space

 All also indicates that Apple with the iPhone 7 will end the adventure with basic facilities with a capacity of 16 GB. As reported by the Wall Street Journal , the latest handset with an apple on the case will be a minimum of 32 GB of memory. Doubling the capacity of the basic unit is a lot. Striking is the impact of this movement on the price of basic facilities.

iPhone 7 will be more efficient

 Again it is going to be a rout competition. Already predecessor, the iPhone 6s featuring the A9, was much faster than the competition. Now, aboard the latest iPhone has found the latest Apple processor codenamed A10, which in the first benchmarks turns out to be much faster than its predecessor. What does it mean? Well, not only faster and smoother application performance, but also run programs faster. Better processor is also more efficient to run and update your phone.

 The new processor also require less power to operate, which, combined with a larger battery will bring probably for a longer operation on a single charge. Although this matter is not yet quite certain, the phone has to have a lot of new features that probably will need additional energy. This in turn may offset the increase in battery capacity compared with its predecessor.

iPhone 7 can be waterproof

 Apple, not boasting of anyone already in the iPhone and the iPhone 6s SE has introduced a certain degree of water resistance – about the seal between the screen and the casing of the device. Of course not, it protects your phone from a decent flooding, however, is already a step forward. This time it will be even better – rumors suggest that the iPhone 7 can be protected as its largest competitor – Samsung Galaxy S7.

iPhone 7 will not have a headphone jack

It is of course the lack of slots in the standard mini jack 3.5 mm, which is currently the most popular solution in the world. What does this mean for users? Of course, Apple did not take us to the possibility of listening to music, and will switch only us, once again, on their solutions. This time, the options will be a total of three.

 The first and most certain is attached to the box handset that instead of the jack will be equipped with lightning connector – the same as in the cable for charging and communication with the computer. The second option, reportedly the one for which Apple puts the greatest emphasis, wireless connectivity using Bluetooth. The third option is not overemphasize the old headphones. Recent rumors say that Apple will join each set of adapter, through which we connect your favorite headphones to the new iPhone.

 Everything indicates that more surprises in the new Apple iPhone 7 we were not prepared. However, to be absolutely sure, you will have to wait until the evening, when it is scheduled to Apple’s annual conference.

 Jakub Wieliczka / HR Tech


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