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Pokemon GO is now available for download in Poland. Players can install the application to iOS and Android directly from the App Store and Google Play. Version of the iPhone and other mobile devices Apple works on all outfits with iOS 8 and higher. In the case of Android game can sometimes prove to be too demanding for the device and can cause problems for weaker and older outfits.

Guide to Pokemon GO – where you can play?

in the first Pokemon GO debuted in Australia and New Zealand, and a day later the game players can enjoy from the United States. To our country plays wandered into officially a little later, because only on Saturday July 16 and is already available in more than 30 different countries, including many in Europe.

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Basic tip: if you are going to play Pokemon GO, the Rig in good POWERBANK. Portable battery will become almost indispensable gadget, because the game is terribly aggravating batteries in smartphones.


Before the launch of a number of players have downloaded Pokemon GO from unofficial sources. After the official app is available in Poland, users can manually upload a version downloaded from a local store and assign it to your account in order to receive automatic updates or wait for a message about a new update.

the Complete guide to Pokemon GO – how much this game cost?

GO Pokemon is a game released in free2play model, which you can download for free. The creators earn a mikropłatnościach, or dokupywaniu players spejcalnych virtual currency – coins Poke Coins.

Holders Poke Coins can unlock specific bonuses. Prices of packages Pokemon coins range from 1 euro to 50 euros per pack, but the purchase of micropayments is not enough – the player and so must leave the house.

Guide to Pokemon GO – updates the official store


Since the launch of the game developers have released several updates. IPhone is now available in version 1.0.2 (marked in the App Store) and 0.29.2 (mark) for the game.

Important tip: game update and reinstall it from scratch or not delete the recording status from the cloud. After logging in to a new device – regardless of whether it is an iPhone or Android, you can enter your data and regain access to their stored remotely rather than locally.

In the case of Android, we have to deal with the version 0.29.2, and authors over the two updates added support for Intel processors and Android Nougat.

Guide to Pokemon GO – what in general is Pokemon GO?

New game production Niantic (which at one time part of Google) is a mobile game for smartphones with Android and iOS, which draws handfuls of previous production of this type from the same creators – Ingress. It uses the fun-in GPS mode and AR.

The creators of the popular game geolocation came up with the idea to just the few engrossing sites on the map appeared charming creatures, which can be viewed and catch the real world using AR (Augmented Relity, assisted reality).

In Nintento this concept apparently liked.

the player’s task is to traverse the streets in search of Pokémon. In terms of the mechanics of the game is not particularly extensive, but the very possibility of feeling like a character from the anime from his youth makes players not discouraged.

The main activity of the player in Pokemon GO tracking and adding creatures to your collection. Captured Pokémon can be trained and used to take hostile arenas or defend our team elected after the first visit in Poke Gym.

Task Player Pokemon GO

the aim of the game is to collect all the Pokemon and control arenas on behalf of his team. Players after leaving the home can approach the Poke Alloys purpose of collecting items and Poke Gymów to wage battles.

Poke Poke feet and gyms are located close to interesting places in the real world. The game marked a lot of sports fields, playgrounds, sculptures, installation art and sacred objects.

Pokemon GO – first run

When you start the game, choose how it will look like the player avatar. Then you need to enter the name or nickname of our character. It is good choice to think, because it can not be changed later. This applies the same team selection after winning the 5 th level of experience and visit the arena.

Tip the beginning: do not attach too much for his starter, because it will be really bad statistics.

After creating your character Professor Willow suggests players to catch one of the three creatures. You can choose Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle. The game offers the opportunity to catch Pikachu instead of one of the starting Pokémon – just … several times to escape them.

Catching Pokemon in Pokemon GO

When you select one of the basic creatures game takes the player to a new screen and in the supported device models can preview three-dimensional models of the Pokémon in the image from the camera. Smarfony without gyro does not offer this feature, however, and Pokemon catches then on a predefined background.

Catching Pokemon involves dropping him a special ball. Poke Ball throws by moving your finger on the screen. Gaining skill in throwing may take a while, and it’s also worth pokombinowaÄ the technique of casting – the most technical moves are rewarded with experience points dodatkowyi.

the technique of catching Pokemon

In order to catch Pokemon is best to wait until changing the size of the colored circle becomes as small as possible. It does not guarantee success, but it increases the chances for him. The color of the circle indicates how hard crossing waiting for the player. The closer to red, the chance of a successful capture Pokemon is less.

Players at higher levels can help themselves with items such as acquired with the development of the form of the Great Ball and Ultra Ball, which Pokeball with better efficiency. It is also useful Razz Berry acting on creatures reassuringly. Still does not, however, guarantee success in catching Pokemon and you keep trying – until they run away.

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