Sunday, July 31, 2016

PlayStation VR will require a lot of space to play –

 One of the main problems in the case of gaming platforms, which they use to interact more than just a controller, is the need for a large amount of space in front of the TV. So it was with motor controllers, and so are the new technology of virtual reality, and to the network leaked photos of the PlayStation VR , which seem to confirm this theory.

 Admittedly equipment Sony requires the user to far less space than HTC Vive, but users console PS4 will need space of 3 m to 1.9 m, in which there will be no obstacles a player can sit anywhere in the designated area – the height of the room is, however, dependent on the setting webcam PlayStation.

 Instructions betrays the way that PS VR will use even if you wear glasses, and the option Social Screen will display 2D image with goggles on our TV to the person affected by any LIVE headset could watch our game.

 We remind you that the PlayStation VR debut on the market on October 13 and its price will be $ 399 (1,769 PLN). At the start, players will be able to choose from 50 games.



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