Friday, July 29, 2016

T-Mobile: 800 million zł for the development of LTE. Mobile Internet will accelerate to 300 Mbps –

In the second half of T-Mobile will focus on intensive investments in LTE. Within high-speed mobile Internet is to find 98 percent. the country’s population. The operator also wants to gradually increase the speed of mobile internet up to 300 Mbps.

In the second half we put emphasis on accelerating the development of the LTE network. Important are the frequencies of the 800 MHz band, but also a 2.6 MHz. In this way, we want to provide our customers really fast data transfer – says Thomas Lips, director. Technology T-Mobile Poland. – Usually, we do not disclose financial details of the ongoing investment in our networks and technologies. But I can say that this year is the amount exceeding 800 million zł – adds.

At the end of June LTE accounted for almost two-thirds of data through T-Mobile. That’s about 30 percent. more than at the beginning of the year. Transmission by LTE is increasing at a rate of over 300 percent. per year.

In the first half of the year increased operator LTE coverage of 83 percent. to 95 percent. population. This is mainly the effect of investments made on the basis of frequency of 800 MHz band, which T-Mobile won in an auction conducted by UKE. From January to the end of June started 500 stations with LTE on these frequencies.

The resulting auction two blocks of frequencies that are adjacent to one (a total of 10 MHz), made it possible to work on higher speeds and parameters.

The range is one thing. The second is the speed of transmission, we want to increase. Our aim is therefore to ensure the rapid transfer where there is already coverage. This is a minimum of 70-73 megabits per second, but can reach 300 megabits per second – says Thomas Lips.

Achieving such speeds allow run carrier aggregation technology, using aggregation frequency bands.

T-Mobile also announced further investments in improving the quality of the network, and thus – call quality. This is carried out over two years, the project Zero Drop Network. It focuses on the most difficult and the most tear-off calls, or undertaken eg. When traveling by car. The project consists in monitoring and development of the network infrastructure expansions around the roads. It is covered by 16 thousand. km of national roads, expressways and highways.

We are focusing on improving the quality of calls when the customer is in the city, in the office or at home and when on the move – says Lips. – Today we can overcome 550 km without losing coverage. This is a great achievement that distinguishes us from other operators – he added.


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