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You only have a few days to take this decision. Do take advantage of the free upgrade and change to Windows 10? –

Over the last year the company of Redmond did everything to encourage us to install Windows 10. The update for users of the two previous versions of the system was completely free, and remind us of the number of notifications, reminders and alerts, which some It drove even for the umpteenth time. There were also situations when Windows update itself without the knowledge or consent of the user.

It’s now or never?

It’s all in a few days gone past. If any of you wants to change the “Decade”, it should decide on the motion by 29 July. After this time the update will also be possible, but only after paying a fee to license the system.

At this point it is worth noting that even after the July 29 update will be free for a specific group of users. These are people with disabilities who benefit from the so-called. assistive technology. It’s a nice gesture on the part of Microsoft.

change trains change trains or not? Just last week I received several calls from friends who have asked me this very question. As usual, the answer is not clear. To a large extent, it depends on what system you currently use, and whether we are happy with it.

Windows 10 - one system for all devices  & # x105; Equipment Fig. Microsoft

I am new to Windows 8 / 8.1 – UPDATE

If you bought a computer preloaded with Windows 8 / 8.1 or something tempted you to voluntarily install this system, it is as soon as possible take advantage of the offer from Microsoft.

Windows 8 was not, is not and never will be a system stable and functional. Getting rid of the classic Start menu, fatal integration between the desktop and interface Modern UI, or problems with new applications – these are just some of the key charges. “Eight” is not a terrible system. There is also a “second Vista.” But it has nothing that should stop you from its updating.

On the background, Windows 10 seems to be quite successful hybrid, which on the one hand is a nod in the direction of traditionally oriented users “Seven” (return start Menu, to opt out of the elements Modern UI), on the other hand, organizes and smoothes the news introduced by “eight”, such as the integration of disk onedrive or universal applications.

Put simply, if you ever said” a “and got yourself in Windows 8, now it’s time to say” B “. Even if Windows 10 is not an ideal system, it is undoubtedly much better than the “Eights”.

I am new to Windows 7 – GOOD TO THINK

Windows 7 is one of the most successful operating system in Microsoft history. Currently, the market share of OS that is nearly 50 percent. And I do not want to encourage you to do, that you have changed this statistic to his disadvantage.

While upgrading from Windows 8.1. for Windows 10 reminds fly out of the car second-class to first class wagon, it updated “Seven” is the change to a completely different train. Although Microsoft tried to do a lot to Windows 10 became friendly also for the more traditional users, it is not in every aspect, he succeeded.

Added to this is the question of stability. In this field, Windows 7 crushes its newer competitor. It is hardly surprising. Windows 10 system is still young. Waiting for him still a lot of updates and patches. The first major service pack is slated for release on August 2, which is just after the promotion of Microsoft.

If the good works you on Windows 7, if it meets your expectations, if you do not like experiments, it further use of his favorite system. Do not let anyone force you uszczęśliwiał. Especially if you are not enough expert user to after a failed adventure of “the Ten” return to the old system.

At the same time you must know that in the past year (exactly 13 January 2015. ) Microsoft has completed the standard technical support for “Seven.” Currently the system is in a phase of extended support, which will last until January 14, 2020 year. At that time, Windows 7 will still receive updates flying system vulnerability. Later, share the plight of Windows XP and updates will no longer appear. For comparison, expanded technical support for the current version of Windows 10 will end only in 2025.

 Windows 10 now & # x105 houses ;, & #  x15B; ln & # x105; wallpaper & # x105 ;  photo. Microsoft

I’m an advanced user of Windows 7/8 / 8.1 – UPDATE

If you reinstall the system, formatting disks and backup for you daily bread, this update will not be associated with virtually any risk. Why? Because Microsoft gives you a month to change its decision and return to the old system.

What more if again later change your mind and you find that Windows 10, however, is pretty cool to install it again … no extra charge – even after the promotion. During the update, Microsoft will give to your device powers digital, which will allow you in the future for a free activation of the system.

Finally, you might want to deal with the three myths that revolve around Windows 10.

MIT 1: “If I make an update of pirated Windows 7 / 8.1, this is my Windows 10 will become legal” – WRONG

Microsoft does not forbid you to upgrade the pirate system. What’s more, I dare say, of two evils, pirates prefer the current OS-I. Do not be fooled, however, fairytales allegedly pirated update the system meant that you will become a model client company from Redmond. Pirate Windows will remain a pirate Windows.

MYTH 2: “Windows 10 keeps track of my every move” – ​​PARTIAL TRUE

Yes, the default privacy settings in Windows 10 should wake up and raise a lot of doubts. Microsoft collects a lot of information about users. But we should not go to extremes. Against this background, the company from Redmond does not fall because of Google, Facebook and other companies, whose services will be happy to use.

Of course, that “all doing something,” should not be no excuse for the few user-friendly Microsoft’s policy in this regard. At the same time we should remember that we can alone block collection of the Windows 10 any data that can be linked to a specific user.

MYTH 3: “I will pay a monthly fee for Windows 10″ – Wrong

Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 is the last version offered in the old business model. Windows will soon cease to be a product, a service becomes. It’s part of a broader strategy that has proven itself in the case of Office 365.

Does this mean that soon we will pay a subscription fee for Windows? No, at least not in the near future. Indeed, a few days ago, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 can be purchased as a service, for which he will pay $ 7 a month. This offer applies to companies, however, not individual users. And certainly not users who have Windows 10 already have.

Of course, in the future it may happen that the next major update of the system, by entering new features, Microsoft wants a supplementary charge-off or we propose a transition to subscription. So far, it is pure guesswork.


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