Thursday, July 28, 2016

The duel of giants. Samsung rebuke competitors. But the Chinese do not fall asleep pears in ashes –

In the second quarter, Samsung earned 5.86 trillion purely Korean won (equivalent to 5.2 billion dollars.), Which is more by 1.7 percent. than a year ago. Its sales rose in this period by less than 5 percent. – To nearly 51 trillion won, and the profit made on the core business by as much as 18 percent. This is the best performance of the Korean company for two years and presented much better than the day before Apple’s successes – remember that specialists iPhones profit in the second quarter fell by as much as 27 percent. to “modest” 7.8 billion dollars.

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From March to June it sold well Galazy 7 – Samsung’s flagship smartphone. Research firm Canalys estimates that Koreans sold in the second quarter of this year, about 80 million advanced cell, which control almost a quarter of the entire global in their market – exactly 24 percent.

Apple at that time sold the world a little more than 40 million iPhones, giving him 12 percent. share in the global smartphone market. In third place is the Chinese Huawei Technologies. Selling 31 million units advertised among other things, by Robert Lewandowski allowed the manufacturer of the Middle earn 9 percent. share in the global smartphone market.

In a duel between the major producers cells thrill us this year will not run out. Mainly thanks to the ambitious intentions of Huawei. The Chinese on Wednesday recalled that in the first half of the year sold 60.6 million smartphones – a quarter more than in the first six months of last year. I have ambitious plans. By the end of the year they want a total sell 140 million advanced cell phones, and in the next few years to sell more of them – that would eventually be the largest manufacturer of cell in the world.

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