Monday, July 18, 2016

Microsoft smiles at Nintendo – will be Pokemon Go for Windows smartphones? – Virtual Poland

  Game Pokemon Go is for now only available on operating systems iOS and Android – mobile users of Windows once again been ignored. However, there were reports that the users and smartfonowego system from Microsoft have to wait.

 Microsoft employee confirmed that his company was almost flooded with requests for Pokemon Go on Windows. The problem is that it is not Microsoft responsible for the availability of the game and its creator, or studio Niantic and Nintendo . He confirmed, however, that the company “examines solutions to meet this request.”

 It is worth remembering that “analyze solutions” is not yet active action. Microsoft withdrew from the tactic of paying for applications and writing them yourself to reduce the cost of writing games and applications on Windows. This means that although Microsoft may make the studio Niantic the demand for their game, it’s still the final decision belongs to the studio. Do not change the fact that in the case of the phenomenon, which is a game Pokemon Go, Microsoft, however, decided to act.



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