Friday, July 15, 2016

Guide Pokemon Go – search and catching Pokémon –

Pokemon GO – how to find a pokemon?

When a pokemon will be close, and we have enabled application Pokemon GO our phone starts to vibrate. If any pokemon is not around, we should take a walk. Pokemon like most parks and other recreational places.

If pokemon appears in the vicinity, in the corner of the application will its icon. When you click see a list of Pokemon nearby. The distance from one selected is the number of feet.

If we want to attract Pokemon closer together, we can use incense-bait. It will make it for 30 minutes Pokemon are more likely to appear in front of us. This item can be found in the store premium Pokemon GO and PokeStop points.

Most importantly, the assumption of certain Pokemon appear near specific locations. Eg. Water Pokemon in Pokemon GO find the most at water reservoirs, rivers, lakes, seas, etc.

Pokemon gO – how to catch pokemon

When we pokemon see it on map. To go in catching mode, we have to click on it. Then you get the view from the camera where we need to catch Pokémon in the frame. As we have already seen and pokeball pokemon, he can take a picture and put on Facebok with the hashtag #PokemonGO, see the type and CP pokemon and, above all, to catch him.

How can catch pokemon:

  • Press and hold the pokeball

  • We are waiting until the ring aiming for pokemonie be as small as possible

  • Move a finger forward, if we wanted to push the ball

We have a few attempts, and our goal can escape, if we went wrong.

Pokemon GO – how to make it easier to catch Pokemon

the first tip in Pokemon GO, you can turn off the video AR. Then Pokemon instead of the background recorded by the camera will be displayed on the drawing background. It generates fewer errors and facilitates the task.

We can also take advantage of special berries that make wild pokemon will do us better focused and more likely to be packed into balls.

Pokemon Go – as find better Pokeball

In the game there are several different models pokeballi. Make it easier for us to catch. Improved versions of “balls” will be able to buy, of course, but we can also get in PokeStopach when we reach a higher level. Remember that PokeStopy give us a limited number of items. To use again from the same point, you have to go back to it after about 10-15 minutes.

Pokemon it is not yet available in Poland, but there are ways to work around this limitation. Read how to install Pokemon GO in Poland.


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