Thursday, July 28, 2016

Samsung’s highest profit for years. Koreans triumph – Spider’s Web

Whew, whew – so you could comment on the latest quarterly results from Samsung, especially its mobile division. The highest quarterly profit in two years … and the satisfaction that the greatest leader – Apple – recorded the most painful exit profitability for many years.

But in order to render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar, decreased by 27 percent. Apple’s profit is much higher than the highest of two years Samsung’s profit – 7.8 billion. vs 5.2 billion.

No, but in this business count dynamics, and these relentlessly show that this Samsung is now in the upper phase of the sine wave, and Apple at the bottom. A year ago it was the opposite.

Although Samsung for many years does not report sales volume of smartphones, but from what we have analyst firms. IDC reported that in the second quarter of 2016. Samsung sold around 77 million smartphones, which gave the Korean company 22.4 percent. global market. Apple sold 40 million iPhones controls 11.8 percent. market. The advantage of Samsung’s growing.

According to representatives of the Korean company, a great result did sell Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Interestingly, significantly more expensive Edge sold better than the basic model.

And now the question is: why is the Samsung Galaxy S7 led to this development? Whether it is better taken from the iPhone 6S?

It’s so much legitimate question that after the Galaxy S7 does not look very big upgrade compared to S6, which was adopted by the market quite chilly. But the difference in sales results is enormous.

Now Samsung wants to use his exceptionally good time. In a few days, August 2, the media will premiere Note 7. From the market acceptance of the model will depend on the result of the second half of Samsung. It is widely known that the sale of Korean flagowców has a shorter cycle than Apple. iPhones are selling like throughout the year. Galaxy S usually its sales momentum has for the first half of the year.

By moving the release of both flagowców slightly forward, Samsung naturally lengthened the sales cycle.

The clever and effective.


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