Wednesday, July 27, 2016

This is the new offer Internet card in play – Spider’s Web

The introduction of the obligation to register SIM cards settled in the prepaid model is a good moment to mobile networks refreshed its offer. He decided to play it, which updated its Internet tariff card in a Play.

Play yesterday decided to present its new offer, which made its debut two days after the introduction of the obligation to register SIM cards. The operator of this time boasted the new terms of service on a separate conference. What customers can now count the purple network?

Internet card in play is the three new starters.

Network has prepared three new starters. Customers who wish to use the services of Play can now choose between these sets:

  • Starter for 0 zł: SIM card to try out the network;
  • Starter for 9 zł: 3 GB of bandwidth per start;
  • Starter for 19 zł: 30 GB to start, a 5 zł is the account to use for any purpose;
  • Starter for 50 zł: 25 GB of bandwidth allocated in a rather unusual way.

This last option called starter annual , looks particularly interesting from the perspective of holders of tablets, routers MiFi and other devices that require the operation of a SIM card with Internet access, but do not use huge amounts of data.

Pack 25 GB mobile internet is not in fact granted to customers immediately .

at the time of activation of a package of annual Internet card in Play users get 3 GB of mobile Internet. Then for the next 11 months granted to them every month another 2 GB of bandwidth.

Thanks for 50 zł, you can ensure that your Internet connection of the appliances for the entire year. You do not need to worry about expiry dates account and recharge, a monthly equipment will get a fresh pack of the transfer.

Top-up rates on the web model prepaid.

Users of the new tariffs, which is not enough basic packet transfer they will have awarded an additional package reload. List of bonuses depending on the amount of top-up is as follows:

  • 10 zł: 3 GB for 7 days;
  • 20 zł: 6 GB for 14 days;
  • 30 zł: 9 GB for 30 days;
  • 50 zł: 15 GB 60 days;
  • 75 zł: 30 GB for 90 days;
  • 100 zł: 50 GB to 120 days.

Internet card in Play – Additional services activated code USSD.

Customers who opt for the service Play and the new tariffs, they can purchase additional services using special USSD codes. Their list is as follows:

  • Day without limit: 5 zł, the code * 111 * 791 * 1 #;
  • Week without limit: 20 zł, the code * 111 * 789 * 1 #;
  • Month without limit: 49 zł, the code * 111 * 792 * 1 # (disposable) * 111 * 793 * 1 # (cyclical);
  • Noce no limit: 5 zł, the code * 111 * 787 * 1 # (single), * 111 * 788 * 1 # (cyclical);
  • Non Stop 5 GB: at the packages without limit the cost is 5 zł, the code * 111 * 795 * 1 #;
  • 24 GB per year: in practice this means cyclic 2 GB for 12 months. and costs 50 zł, the code * 111 * 794 * 1 #.

Internet on Play the card works in both networks LTE and 3G, and because the operator does not gave way, it can be assumed that this only applies to transmitters stem network. National roaming concerned in the end always play only voice services, not mobile Internet.

Packages advertised as a “no limit”, which also operate in networks of LTE and 3G, it really limits, unfortunately, are – each operator protects so anyway against fraud. Network reserves the right to slow down the transfer of up to 1 Mbps using user limit of 100 GB of bandwidth.


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