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We already know, when you get VoLTE and VoWiFi in T-Mobile Poland – Spider’s Web

After the presentation, providing a link bandwidth of 1.2 Gbps Polish branch of T-Mobile has used organized their conference to show off its LTE network. We also know when T-Mobile Poland is about to launch VoLTE services and VoWiFi.

Meeting T-Mobile Poland with the media led Thomas Lips, who is a member of the board of the company and also holds the position of CTIO. He presented a lot of data on the habits of our fellow citizens in the use of mobile Internet, discussed the latest research network quality and betrayed, when can we expect the debut of new services.


network T-Mobile guarantees 92 percent. coverage of our country.

T-Mobile Poland boasts that already 95 per cent. of the population is within their LTE network. depending from the base station, near which there are consumers, their devices will be able to develop a different maximum speed. not everywhere is still working at the end of LTE Advanced, and are offered four speed ranges:

  • LTE800 – up to 73 Mbps (an increase of 36 Mbps thanks to the frequency of 800 Mhz);
  • LTE1800 – up to 113 Mbps;
  • LTE2CA – up to 220 Mbps;
  • LTE3CA – up to 300 Mbps.

plans for the second half of 2016 assume that the end of this year, T-Mobile Poland wants to ensure coverage of 99 per cent. of LTE, and it has to translate to cover 98 per cent. of the population. Running will also be more than 500 base stations providing transfers with a much higher bandwidth.

the operator is developing a network, and also recorded all the time increases in the use of mobile Internet.

year-to-year by 21 percent. increased use of 2G network, and about 47 per cent. intensive customers use 3G connectivity. It is, however, nothing at the same time that the increase in the deployment of LTE is a huge 348 percent. Data transfer using the network already responsible for 62 percent. transfer at all.


Interestingly, users are less call using the network of the second generation. T-Mobile Poland noticed a decrease in the use of 2G network to make voice calls by 21 percent. At the same time the use of the 3G network for the same purpose has increased by 12 percent. We do not know how to change the data introduce VoLTE.

the network boasts whereas what is already known. Checking interrupting connections required traveling a distance of more than 15 thousand. km on Polish roads, more than in recent years. T -Mobile Poland at the same time points out that managed to ride this year up to 550 km without interrupting the call.

VoLTE and VoWiFi in T-Mobile Poland

When the VoLTE and VoWiFi in T-Mobile Poland?

the ability to make voice calls carried out directly by the operator using LTE and Wi-Fi will appear later this year .

Currently being tested VoLTE technology and VoWiFi and employees of T-Mobile Poland verify how it works throughout the country. Work is also testing the movement of vehicles.

VoLTE and VoWiFi in T-Mobile Poland

Interesting fact – where Poles are using smartphones?

I am surprised that only 60 per cent. of our fellow citizens use mobile just before bedtime, and as much use the phone … in the toilet . wonder I am also, as statistics phones spoiled by flooding is influenced by the fact that as much as 10 percent. uses smartphones in the shower – and most of them are, I assume, smartphones niewodoodporne.

T-Mobile also introduced details of where and to what extent, still are used in smartphones. it turns out that up to 17 percent. Poles use them in churches. a little less esteem apparently we have for the theater – where the phone starts 22 per cent. of people and, unfortunately, cinema. Seans other viewers interferes with a glowing telephone every three of us.


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