Friday, July 22, 2016

This is the end VCRs –

In the 80s of the last century, VHS tapes and VCRs were the only way to move the cinema to our showrooms and allow us to watch the latest Hollywood movies while sitting in a comfortable chair. With the advent of these devices film industry is very developed, and another video appeared on cassettes like mushrooms after the rain.

VCRs were present in our homes for a long time, and although some 20 years ago has been superseded by the far superior DVD format, then Blu-ray, it is contrary to appearances, their production does not end. For a long time they arose because in the factories of Japanese companies, because apparently still exists demand is there, but even the rustic company recognized it was time to return this technology on the well-deserved retirement.

Funai Electric is the latest company producing more videos, but she already ends with this business, announcing that at the end of the month its production lines in Chinese factories last player leaves. Funai announced that taking this decision forced the declining sales of these devices and the increasing difficulty in obtaining components for their production.

so if you keep in your cellar even VCR, you do not throw away it. For several years could be worth a lot as a treat for collectors.


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