Friday, July 22, 2016

Surprise: NVIDIA Titan X – this is the fastest graphics card in the world – dobreprogramy

Members of PCs master race have a new object of desire.
 Completely unexpectedly for the industry, the head of Nvidia Jen-Hsun Huang
 He appeared at a meeting of researchers in San artificial intelligence
 Francisco, raised his hand for the presentation of Andrew Ng, the main
 scientist search engine Baidu and just showed the audience a new
 green miracle. NVIDIA Titan X is the most powerful of Pascali on
 desktop computers, bringing the GPU of 12 billion transistors.
 3584 CUDA cores (the same as in supercomputing accelerator
 Tesla P100) to provide computing power 11 TFLOPS, and performance
 Games 60% higher than its predecessor – the GTX Titan X. All
 So it appears that you’ve August 2 the market enters card for
 which play 4K resolution and 60 FPS will not be any

The new X Titan is built around the new GPU, the GP102,
 Of course in lithography 16 nm microarchitecture and Pascal. Inside
 Besides these 3584 CUDA cores (clocked at 1417 to 1531 MHz)
 one can expect 224 texture units and 96 units
 renderers. Offered 11 TFLOPS of single precision is about 25%
 more than the 1080 GTX offers.

notes that even in such a powerful card is not decided
 a memory used HBM. For a 384-bit memory controller
 power is still GDDR5X – the whole 12 GB speeds of 10 GHz.
 Mean it has 50% more memory bandwidth than the GTX
 1080 at 480 GB / s. For this power computationally pay
 suitable, but still acceptable power consumption: TDP
 new Titan X 250 W, 40% more than the 1080 GTX is not known,
 you can find the connector on the card, although it will probably be a normal
 set – a few DisplayPortów, HDMI 2.0 and DVI. For the SLI bridge,
 so when someone really has a lot of money, you can afford to make
 unparalleled machine.

r e k l m and a

An interesting issue in a new tab name is …. NVIDIA Titan X. It
 all. There’s no GTX, GeForce or Quadro no …
 while its predecessor had called GTX letters. so you can
 expect that the new card will be targeted primarily
 professionals, even such as artificial researchers
 intelligence. On this front Greens dominate yet totally,
 providing supercomputing accelerators and mobile chips,
 software and workstations, all built around
 CUDA architecture.

A Card for professionals Price should not be a problem.
 NVIDIA offers it for $ 1,200, only to direct
 sales by its
 page. That’s a lot, considering that the previous Titan X
 It costs $ 1000, and addressed to affluent consumers
 GeForce 1080 GTX Founders Edition costs about $ 700. But
 Well, who forbid the rich?


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