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Windows 10 – the players should have to change trains to the new system? It’s last call! – Onet.pl

switched to Windows 10 almost three months ago. I did not do this as a matter of moments intrusive advertising Microsoft nor the “Start” button. The reason was much more selfish …: I wanted to play Forza 6 Apex and describe it to you, and that without the latest version of “windows” could not be done. Before upgrading ignored, taught by experience with previous versions of Windows, when it very simply apply two basic principles:

  • ” every second “version is friendly to players (for example, XP and 7 were very ok, Vista, and not necessarily 8)

  • it is safe to change the system for at least several months after the release, when all major bugs have already been found and patched, and there will be problems with the availability of the software (eg. Driver)

Neither one nor the other is not directly applicable in the case of Windows 10, and not to bore you numb and technical language below to answer the questions that he asked himself before Connecting. I hope that will help you make this important decision!

Windows 10 – How do you use the “tens”?

  • The answer for holders of Windows 8 / 8.1: same

  • The answer for holders of Windows 7: much, much better

In the case of Win 10 Microsoft has learned from user dissatisfaction and took part of the interface changes made on the occasion of “eights “. I’ll never understand fetish drop fossils, which is the Start menu, but the fans can be satisfied. They got them back in the form of near-classic or the shredded tiled. In no way change the fact that the tiles are faster, more convenient and nicer than the previous interface. They need only given the chance.

Windows 10 – Does Windows 10 running faster than 8.1?

this question is no simple answer. Depending on the configuration of the computer and the software used and the results of benchmark performance between Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and even Windows 7 they are very similar. Yes, due to many factors “internal”, for example, a more intuitive interface, Windows 10 gives the impression of acting quickly. It should also preferably in synthetic benchmarks – if it’s for someone important. Nevertheless runs slower than Windows 8.1. On average, about one second. It is also less stable, but can live with it.

Windows 10 – Do not mess update my files?

Microsoft says it should not. I and everyone known to me “converts” to confirm – should not. Anyway system and so creates a copy of the key things. On the occasion of the burial of each operating system, I recommend making your own backup critical data.

A completely separate issue drivers. Theoretically, transfer should be at 100% of the fluid in practice – it is different from this. For me, when you install Windows 10 for the cooperation thanked both the graphics card (Nvidia GeForce GTX 960), and music (Creative X-Fi Fatal1ty). Reinstalka may be uncomfortable here, because in most cases, unfortunately, will not help “repair” the drivers, or simply overwrite the same version. Windows 10 is no annoying, but possible to disable the auto-updating feature – including your own drivers, which in the case of graphics cards are weaker than intended. Before clicking “UPDATE” so try to save all settings and prepare for a full cleaning of the new system with the remnants of the drivers used with the old Windows.

Windows 10 – Do I need to (a) update all my programs?

Amazingly, not – the vast majority of applications used by me, especially related games (Steam, GOG, Uplay, Origin) and performance monitoring (CPU-Z GPU-Z, hwinfo, RivaTuner) worked without doing anything. A nice change after problems with drivers.

Windows 10 – Windows 10 How affect gaming performance?

Mostly slightly – is faster on a single frame. The fun starts when we are dealing with a game-optimized only available for the system DirectX 12. Most will be happy holders Radeons. DX12 supports asynchronous because calculations, so it can fulfill the “free time” between GPU cycles. The use of this technology is the flagship of AMD. What Nvidia? Green Card older generation (Maxwell) in general can not count asynchronously, new (Pascal) have, in turn, allows for replacement “queuing” calculations with the software. This is not the same as hardware support, but taking into account the overall performance advantage GTX 1080 and girlfriends, translates to, and so a good effect.

Windows 10 – What else can “ten”, which can not be 7/8 / 8.1?

Even if the said supports DirectX 12 – the player already this should be sufficient incentive, especially if the card is AMD. And allows you to use Universal Windows Platform. At this moment it may not be anything special, but such example. Quantum Break or Forza Apex walk do not go. It is, however, that Microsoft puts on Xbox integration with PC stationary and necessary condition to take advantage of the benefits of such a partnership (and access to eg. Catalog of exclusive games) will just present in Windows 10 UWP.

Anyway, fetish green console, Windows 10 today has Xbox built-in application. It does not knock, it is true or functionality or appearance. This allows for you to view profiles and friends lists without turning the console and, most importantly, to stream games on the computer screen directly from our Xbox.

Windows 10 – Windows 10 you spying on me?

Perhaps the most pressing question of all. Yes, Windows 10 has built-in and the machine enabled “telemetry”, ie saving and current transfer to Microsoft the way the system is used – and thus, using his computer. Not everyone has to like it. Fortunately, the said function can be disabled via special programs.

And by the way – if you are concerned by spying operating system, it certainly does not have a Facebook account? Neither Google? And you know that your Android phone can spy on you? Anyway, Kinect also can do it …:)

Windows 10 – is Microsoft tells me not to pay for it?

This is a sensitive issue, because in theory, yes, the company from Redmond has the opportunity. The system displays today, after (possible to switch off) advertising applications from the official store. A few days ago, the network also leaked information that the publisher allegedly considering the introduction of a subscription for subsequent updates. It is true that Microsoft has long since distanced himself from such a distribution method, but …

In defense of Windows 10 in this situation, I can tell you one thing: the gate in the user license does not mean that someone will begin to expose our bills. Let us remember that, for example, according to the rules of Steam for years are no longer beneficially own assigned to that game. We live in a time of increasing virtualization of all computer-related services. Let’s not get crazy.

Windows 10 – change trains, or not?

As a former fierce opponent of renovation, after three months of continuous gierczenia on the latest Microsoft system, I am not able to find too many reasonable arguments AGAINST przesiadce. It is of course a factor of habit, the need podłubania settings to exclude the automatic update or telemetry, less than the stability of Windows 8.1. The advantage of interchange is much more: easier to use, efficient interface, integration with the Xbox ecosystem and, above all, DirectX 12 and Windows Universal Platform. Both, of course, tunes the future, but not so distant to justify tempering a free upgrade to the latest version. You’ll spit on the chin, if in the future you will pay for it.

Finally, one important issue that it is worth explaining. It is true that upgrading to a legal version of Windows 10 is possible even if your 7 or 8 / 8.1 receive / out a gift from “Aunt from Sweden.” Remember, however, that the mere fact of having legal – activated on servers Microsoft – the version of the new system does not make it will be legal under the law. Because you will still be missing even the famous stickers with a code that is assigned to your computer. Pirates pirates will remain so, even if you will be able to download updates.


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