Thursday, July 28, 2016

You drink a beer made with … urine? – CHIP

Last year, Bill Gates funded wastewater treatment system processing human waste into drinkable water. Now, researchers from the University of the Belgian Gendawie built a similar machine. For the treatment of urinary machine uses a membrane distillation process. First, the liquid heated in the boiler is powered by solar energy and then passed through a membrane separating the water, nutrients, and the rest of the waste products. In this way, it removed 95% of ammonia.

The machine has already passed the first serious test. It was used during the 10-day Flemish International Film Festival where the urine participants of the event managed to recover 1,000 liters of water. Now it will be used for the production of Belgian beer.

Because the whole is powered only by solar energy, scientists believe that in the near future their idea could be used in areas without access to electricity, as well as in sports arenas and airports.


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