Thursday, July 28, 2016

Xiaomi presents its ultrabook – look and call like Apple products – Virtual Poland

  Xiaomi, a Chinese electronics manufacturer, which a few years ago hit broke into the smartphone market, and now also decided to fight on the market ultrabook. The company has just unveiled its first two devices in this segment. The computer looks like a MacBook, called the Macbook, but costs less and is better than him.

 Presented by the Chinese unit is called Mi Notebook Air and will be sold in two versions, which differ will be screen size and specifications. And of course the price.

 The smaller variant is equipped with a screen size of 12.5 inches, and in his case was among other processor Intel Core M3 and SSD 128 GB. The battery that features a smaller version of the Mi Notebook Air is to allow more than 11 hours on a single charge. It was priced at the equivalent of about $ 525 (2000 zł).

 The larger version has a screen size of 13.3 inch, Intel Core i5 (6200U), 265 GB solid state drive and NVIDIA GeForce 940MX. Used battery is to allow 9 hours. For this version of the ultrabook will have to pay the equivalent of $ 750 (3000 zł).

 Although the device will find many buyers (especially in the PRC, which debuts Aug. 2), it is hard to resist the impression that they do not contribute to achieving the strategy announced by Hugo Barra, according to the Xiaomi has become a premium brand. The Chinese company indeed has long been called “Apple’m East”, but obvious references to products with apples on the case, as the name or style of both Chinese ultrabook, do not automatically guarantee success.
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