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NVidia GeForce Titan X: King performance returns in the new version, and has no equal – Gadzeto Mania

After the premiere of three cards of the family Pascal NVidia has presented to the world top model of the series. The parameters of the new Titan impress and confirm its dominance in the segment of extreme performance. Yet the evolution of its predecessor and now a new generation of gaming?

  1. What we find on board the new Titan X?
  2. What productivity growth can we expect?
  3. When and at what price will be in sales?

Fast, faster GeForce Titan

A previous version of the top-card Nvidia set the bar high by offering performance unattainable for any other model. Until today the performance and price of the previous Titan have the right to surprise . Prime Minister successor was therefore only a matter of time and – even faster than speculation – Titan based on the architecture of Pascal has been the manufacturer announced.

Visually, the new graphics card well suited to the style of previously presented Pascali GTX 10 × 0. Dominated by the sharp, aggressive edges and a dual-slot cooling with a fairly typical for a reference system, construction. Supported connectors are DVI-I DL, DisplayPort, and HDMI.

Technology step into the future

the Newest Pascal drives the core GP102 in the 16 nm architecture, native clocked at 1417 MHz and 1531 MHz GPU Boost 3.0 mode. Number of cores CUDA reached 3584, and transistors – dizzying 12 billion. Card has a memory GDDR5X size 12 GB, with interface, 384-bit and bandwidth of 480 GB / s.

Progress happily not made at the expense of greater power consumption – the new Titan has a TDP identical like its predecessor, ie 250 W. all other parameters surpasses it: gained 512 CUDA cores, 4 billion transistors and total performance gain of 60% . The computational power of the new card is reaching dizzying 11 Teraflops.

VR and gaming in 4K as a target

NVidia promises players a smooth gameplay in 4K resolution and 60 frames / s with better reproduction of detail than ever before. No less impressive is the card to check in tandem with advanced VR goggles. Calling the new Titan “absolutely perfect graphics card” NVidia without unnecessary subtlety highlights the totally unrivaled product performance .

Players remain so look forward to the release date and benchmarks, which will appear in a similar time. But do not expect more surprise. It is a pity that this time, it also means a higher price than its predecessor. Card will go on sale on August 2 already a considerable 1,199 dollars.

Source: press materials, NVidia


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