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Earning Pokemon Go? Take your time: just created a new branch of business – Gadzeto Mania

Paid walks, reflective badges or travel route Pokémon. Ideas to earn a lot, and with the game Pokemon Go was born a new branch of the business.

  1. what is the Pokemon Go?
  2. How operates augmented reality?
  3. How to combine playing sports?
  4. How to make money on Pokemon Go?

How Pokemon go work?

If you’re an active player or a fully abreast of what the latest blockbuster Nintendo , please go to the next paragraph. The other must, however, explain the Pokemon Go is designed for the mobile platform game that uses augmented reality.

Users or rather their avatars move in the real world , catching while walking Pokemon, collecting various bonuses and fighting with other players.

this is possible thanks to geolocation, through which the elements of the game world has been located in real world and such. before leaving the house, we can see on the screen smartphone that sits on the lawn of a pokemon, you can virtually get caught.

with pleasure

all this requires budge before the desk and go for a walk. Innovation is an idea among other things, that the addictive video game is here combined with physical activity in the real world. As aptly noted creator of one of the Internet memes, Pokemon him in a few days, did more for the fight against obesity, than bringing out by means of measures to promote health, the US first lady, Michelle Obama, for seven years.

the more that the next collection of Pokemon can also incubate them, because our ward hatch from the eggs, if we beat while walking a certain number of kilometers. By the way – because the game rather than barbaric mil is used civilized metric , because of the confusion of American players has increased significantly the number of queries to Google regarding converting kilometers to miles. Probably soon will be a special (ie, implicitly better than a million similar application), pokemonowy converter, for 0.99 dollars. solving this problem.

the band u & # x142; making them  easier & # x105; ca search for Pokemon &  # XF3, in

Significantly, the creators of the game predicted the existence of crooks , who could make fun of yourself sitting kilometers, eg. in the car and introduced in-game security, which in theory have eliminated fraud.

Extended reality: Nintendo, do it well!

In theory Pokemon Go is not no breakthrough. In practice, it’s a bit like with the different technologies and the company Apple: the world knew MP3 players, smartphones and tablets long before the debut of iPods, iPhones and iPads, but only Apple did it right . And by the way earned billions.

It seems that this time is similar to the enhanced reality and Nintendo (actually a studio Niantic, responsible for the rise of the game). Sam augmented reality is not yet any innovation – we know it for years, there is a lot of use of the application, but only Nintendo came up with the idea of ​​how to gracefully connect AR activity and having fun .

I did it so well that within a few days, the value of the company’s shares jumped about billions of dollars, and the number of players is increasing rapidly: enough for dozens of hours to become larger than the community service Tinder, and now exceeds the number of Twitter users. What’s more, according to Google, Pokemon currently attract more interest than porn!

The title of the most popular mobile game in the history of the United States is at the only obvious addition. And all this when playing in official distribution is not yet available in many countries of the world.

How to make money Pokemon Go?

In theory Pokemon Go is inextricably linked to the real activity. The practice, as often happens, however, is governed by its own laws, not always consistent with the intentions of the creators of the game. It turns out that was enough only a few days to health oriented game Pokemon Go overgrown fat capitalism, ie various services, which in some way make life easier for players , and also allow them to make money.

An example would be even offer walking. Just pay someone to fun of kilometers logged into our account , bringing a moment of hatching a new pet.

This is not the end pokemonowego business. One bright 7-year-old from the United States noted that many players walking after dark. Therefore designed and sell reflective badges , increasing safety during night hikes, erasing for every 25 cents. Given the popularity of the game and the number of potential buyers you can already congratulate idea enterprising kid.

 Fig. iStackr

His chance noticed the taxi drivers and drivers working for companies like Uber and Fare – there are already special offers transportation the attractive routes for the players. What’s more, the game began to be used also worth commendable social actions.

One of the shelters appealed to the players to while walking not only looked for Pokemon, but also & amp; hairsp; – & amp; hairsp; by the way & amp; hairsp; – & amp; hairsp; dragged away living in a shelter, stray dogs. And by the way escaped associated with Pokemon Go threats because gazing at screens people do not always behave common sense , their behavior perseverance by applying the famous prize Darwin.

lure for pokemon, trap customer

Pokemon Go meshes well with the more traditional business. Apart from the obvious situations where eg. In the vicinity of a shop or premises is important in the game world location , the entrepreneurs have already found use for in-game decoys.

in theory, they had to buy them, players interested in the appearance of the area more Pokemon. In practice, they use them also owners of shops and cafes, which lure for Pokemon is in fact bait for players , which is a way for the emergence of a crowd of potential customers. Soon the phenomenon will become even more visible thanks introduced by the creators of the game, sponsored locations.

This is all the more important that the & amp; hairsp; – & amp; hairsp; contrary to stereotypes & amp; hairsp – & amp; hairsp; Pokemon Go play not only kids in preschool, but also crowd of 20-30 year olds , where children years coincided with the first wave of the global pokemonomanii, attributable to late 90′s.

 Devotees of opera? no, the players!

Players will also buy wristbands for easy game without the need to look at the screen smartphone, a matter of time probably extension of the offer with different other gadgets , more or less related to the game. This all will take on even greater force with the possibility of exchanging Pokémon.

What if Pokemon Go is worth attention is the speed of response enterprising people from all over the world. The above-described examples are, after all – I think – just the beginning. Debut Pokemon Go gives us an amazing opportunity to see how our eyes from zero created a completely new branch of business .


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