Tuesday, July 26, 2016

You register your card or transferring a number to Mobile Vikings? You will receive a substantial bonus – Spider’s Web

More and more operators trying to use the obligation to register SIM cards to attract each other new and leave with you old customers. Until now, similar movements chose to only the largest operators, which it was difficult to understand. Now similar action begins Mobile Vikings.

Anti-Terror Act came into force today. Consequently, any newly purchased prepaid card, popularly known as pre-paid card, must be registered before activation. Users who previously purchased the card and not registered, they must make it to February 1, 2017 year. Otherwise, the card will have to be disabled.

This is a very good opportunity to change operator. Since we still have to appear in one living room, you can abandon your existing number and choose the best offer on the market. In a very good situation were operators such as Plus, Orange, T-Mobile and Play. Their stores are everywhere, so the activation of the card will not last too long.

completely different matter is for smaller virtual operators such as Mobile Vikings.

they do not have their showrooms. For example, described here only operator has an office in Wroclaw. This does not mean, however, that personally register your SIM card may only inhabitants of this city. They can also go to any salon Play, its services to the users of Mobile Vikings. The process can be carried out also remotely. This process is free for users to transfer the number to Mobile Vikings, existing users are treated worse and have to pay for an item card 9,99 zł.

The procedure of registration numbers is the same as for other operators. Please provide your name and social security number or name, series and number of identity document. Members ordering new cards or transfer number will be entered that data in a dedicated, powerful electronic form on the website of the operator. Existing users can enter on the website, the customer panel. However, this does make sense, because the data will need to give more time during verification.

Mobile Vikings wants to keep existing and acquire new customers.

All people who register prepaid Mobile Vikings, you will receive a bonus of 10 GB of free internet access and unlimited calls to all networks and landlines for a period of 31 days. Who only offer mobile Internet receive a gift 14GB Internet for a period of 60 days. Interestingly, the user will be able to his credit alone to decide when he wants to take advantage of the promotion. If the validity of the funds in the account will be extended (ie. At least one day before the expiry date of the card is topped up) after 31 days unused internet will go for the next months. It is fair and rarely used option.

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