Tuesday, July 19, 2016

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What photo equipment to take with you to the mountains? My favorite set was far SLR camera with a bright lens. This year, I went ahead and took to the trails only smartphone.

I’m an advanced amateur. Photos do for almost ten years. For eight use a digital SLR. I started from the Canon 350D. Later I switched to a newer model. Through my bag I scrolled many lenses. Eventually, I became the Tamron 17-50 with light 2.8. It’s an interesting compromise. Indeed, the incomplete cage focal range offered by this lens can be unsatisfactory. Especially when we are photographing landscapes. However, if you do not want to lug your bags on the trail full of equipment, a camera with one lens will give us considerable comfort.

In recent years, with each foray changed the proportions of shots SLR camera and smartphone. When the latter used to bring more than the first, I began to wonder whether at my profile shooting does not go away.

Experiment decided to perform at this year’s trip to the Tatras. I can hear the sound of readers rwanych hair who recognize me as a man insane. I need you to calm down. I know perfectly well what I lost and what gained. I not photographed in Auto mode, but the manual or aperture priority. Carefully chose ISO. Photos often induced with RAW files. In short: I know his stuff, but I wanted to try something, in fact, minimal.

Contrary to appearances, my needs are not large. Do not bind because the future of photography. Photos do for pure pleasure. In addition to the commemorative frames, which I share with loved ones, for five years populating your profile on Instagram. I try to carefully selected photographs. You will not find so there selfie, foodpornu and photos from events. Instagram is my favorite album of photos. When we take this into account and add the total lack of pressure you can quickly come to the conclusion that in the era of advanced cameras in smartphones SLR camera becomes unnecessary for people like me.

The camera in my Moto X Style is not the leader of photographs mobile. In the market we can find much better. On the other hand, both the image detail and tonal range supported software should suffice even for the advanced user. The downside may be the only camera app itself, which does not offer too many options. Google Play, we look for an alternative.

At the beginning of my adventure with photography, I was – I use this term with known photographic forums – masturbator hardware. List of equipment grew at a rate absurd. When I watched the pictures, I looked for them disqualifying noise. Anyone who has experienced even a brief adventure with forums, you know what I mean. Blog technology commentators can die for your favorite mobile platform. The forums for amateur war relate to the hardware and image noise. At some point it occurred to me that I stopped to enjoy photography. I focused exclusively owned lenses and accessories. It was then that I decided to sell a large part of his collection and be the earlier mentioned Tamron.

My former boss saying once that a good picture can be taken a can of Coke. Something like this actually is. Everything, however, depends on our attitude.

To begin with, that the fact of having advanced equipment does not make us photographers.

On the contrary. I know many amateurs who five minutes after the start of “career” assume Facebook fan page “John Smith Photography” where you throw your dubious quality work thinking that they have joined the ranks of the elite.

Even worse, when those homegrown “experts” come to the conclusion that are great for photographers. We’ll see the endless photo galleries of events that no one is interested photographed so that the second picture exits the page.

Do not get me wrong. Anyone can do such images that make him happy. This does not mean that everyone should publish them in a broader group than the family. The more used to each other terms that identify the job.

My brother is a photographer. Only he and his professional colleagues know how hard it work. Tens of kilometers a day, hundreds of pictures, continuous readiness and waiting for the phone publisher. So in a nutshell it looks like a robot photojournalist. Much different from the image camera users who mere fact of having hardware treat as promotion and visitation to the profession.

I deliberately touched the two different threads. I want to be emphasized first of all that no camera adorns the photographer. Despite the thousands of pictures that I made, many years of learning the rules of composition and exposure do not dare call myself a photographer. I just do photos. It gives me pleasure. The longer, the less important it becomes equipment. It’s a great discovery, because it gives a lot of freedom. Try it, I recommend.


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