Thursday, July 14, 2016

Pokemon Go pulls and leads to dangerous situations. What to watch, playing mobile hit? –

The huge popularity of Pokemon him in Poland and the world for some may be a shock, but it should not. There’s no case. Game series Pokemon second most profitable brand Nintendo , immediately after Mario. For this, Pokemon is a cult animation for people born or brought up in the 90s. Brand has a lot of fans, so if only because the popularity of Go is not surprising. Those who worship Pokemon rozkręciły fashion , and then went. Examples of Angry Birds Flappy Bird show that mobile game can very quickly become a hit, in which they play millions around the world. And even if you do not play, you know what it is, because the circle is said to be just that. Therefore Pokemon him in this respect is not a sensation, something so far not met.

The more that Pokemon Go is not a new, original idea . In fact, Pokemon him in terms of gameplay is not different from Ingress production of the previous studies Niantic. The Ingress also played a lot of people – counter on Google Play shows that application installed between 10 and 50 million Android users. Ingress was a success, but the game lacked something more engaging and recognizable, allowing to reach a larger group. Pokemon perfectly fit the idea for the production, which uses enhanced reality, walking around the city. In the series, or games, that’s what it was: about collecting Pokemon. Now, anyone can become a coach, as heroes games or movies.

It is not an exaggeration to say that Pokemon him was doomed to success . Popular brand and the associated sentiment plus the easy availability of game – it had to go

Pokemon Go is not a coincidence, fashion untwisted of boredom on Reddit, Facebook or forums. Evidence of this career, John Hanke, head of Niantic. In 1996, he co-founded Meridian 59, one of the first production of MMO, which is a game in which players from around the world can play together via the Internet. In 2000 he founded Keyhole, which in 2004, was bought by Google and shaped into Google Earth. Then Hanke ran Google Geo, creating a Google Maps and Google Street View. Looking at the way the creator hardly be surprised that he started to deal with multiplayer games rozgrywającymi in the real world. The more that the idea of ​​the gameplay in the style of Ingress Pokémon grabbed what could be seen from Niantic to Google’s reactions to joke on the occasion of the first of April . In 2014, presented the ancestor Pokemon him, but then no one expected that this idea will develop into a full-fledged game.

The dark side of success

huge popularity attracts people who want to fashion a rich or spoil the fun others. Since its launch in the United States, Australia and New Zealand game makers are calling to collect Pokemon him only from official sources. Impatient did not want to wait for the premiere of their region so attracted the files from the not always reliable and trusted sites. They used to hackers, who belted out a network infected files, needed to take control of smartphones.

The Allegro appeared auctions, where sellers offer sparing in collecting Pokemon . So buys the service of that one for us in terms of the city and catch creatures. It misses the goal of the game, but perhaps laziness wins. There would be nothing wrong – who wants pays – if not blatant cheating, using the ignorance of the buyer. Seller auction indicates that the performance of “transaction” it is necessary to enter your e-mail and password for the mailbox. For your own laziness you would lose a lot of valuable private information.

Anyway, just log on to the application by e-mail account aroused much controversy. quickly noted that Pokemon Go wants to gain full access to Google account , which could be interpreted differently. the authors quickly repelled allegations of surveillance and denied tampering, eg. in the mail users. the fact that something like this could happen, was heavily disturbing.

Ironically, the biggest threat to playing Pokemon Go is not safe data or viruses, and simple carelessness. on the Internet you can find a lot of stories about clueless users who enter someone under the wheels of a bicycle or gazing at smartphones do not see any other hikers. They arise even campaigns warning against the use of the application while driving.

One major problem turns out to be a nietaktowność. authorities Holocaust Museum in Washington and the Museum of Auschwitz call not to use the game during the tour. Among the places where hidden Pokemon are eg . police stations, military bases, homes of other people, churches, cemeteries and monuments. It should exercise restraint and remember that this is just a game, respecting the others.


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