Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Microsoft will return to the glory days? All thanks to the product, which could never hear –

Microsoft unveiled its financial results for the fiscal fourth quarter, which ended June 30. At that time, the American giant generated revenue of 22.1 billion and a profit of $ 3.1 billion.

This is a surprisingly good results, taking into account the increasing vulnerability of the mobile division of the American giant and the ongoing stagnation of months on the market of PCs. If we look at the figures achieved in these areas, it is far Microsoft is not a fact to be proud.

Revenues from the sale of mobile devices in the last quarter decreased by up to 70 percent. Department of personal computers but lost 4 percent. The problems of the mobile division of the Redmond said for many months. Sales of smartphones Lumia consistently falling, while the share of Windows Phone in the market today is rudimentary.

 Microsoft photo.

So if it is so bad, why is it so good? Why just after the publication of the financial results of Microsoft’s share increased by 3 percent? The answer to this question is … a cloud. Revenue generated by the department cloud rose in the last quarter by 7 percent. to 6.7 billion dollars. The real crown jewel offered by Microsoft’s Azure service, which is growing at a tremendous rate. We’re talking about 102 percent. increase y / y.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella at the moment of taking over the helm of the company announced its transformation, which would aim to maximize the profits of the most forward-looking products and services. But hardly anyone expected that this transformation will proceed so quickly.

Today, Nadella can talk about his small triumph. “Last year was a key to our transformation, and in cooperation with our customers aimed at the digital transformation” – said shortly after the publication of the results.

Of course, for Nadelli the beginning of the struggle for the new Microsoft. Department of mobile companies going nowhere, Windows 10 does not reach the assumed earlier results 1 billion plant until 2018, and sales of PCs will continue to fall.

In this situation, the cloud is not for Microsoft’s no alternative. The Redmond giant is it simply condemned.


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