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The Dutch and Latvians highest in the world – Science in Poland (PAP)

 Among men the world’s highest are the Dutch (average 183 cm), and among women the increase overwhelm all Latvian (170 cm) – According to research conducted for the 18.6 million people from 179 countries.

  Scientists from Imperial College London checked the average increase for people aged 18 years in different places in the world. The results were compared with data from a hundred years. The study published Tuesday in the journal eLife (


  Prof. Majid Ezzati of the British Imperial College London, who presented the results at a conference ESOF in Manchester, explained that the publication is not based on data declared by individual respondents, but is based on actual measurements of growth. The studies involved more than 800 researchers from 179 countries of the world who study took more than 18.6 million people. It is the largest survey of its kind. The results were compared with data from 1914.


  Poles (both gentlemen and ladies) were also among the nations, whose average growth in the last century, much has changed – we are now on average 12 cm taller than the inhabitants of our country in 1914. As for the Poles, a hundred years before their growth counted an average of approx. 164 and in 2014 already approx. 176 cm. As for the Poles, in 1914 it was approx. 151 cm, now is approx. 163 cm.


  The biggest changes, however, the average increase was recorded among residents of South Korea – as many as 20.2 cm difference, and also among Iranians: an average of 16.5 cm.


  In 1914. The highest men of the world were Swedes (172 cm). For a century, they managed to surpass the Dutch, who have now measure an average of 183 cm. The change between the two records is very large – up to 11 cm.


  In turn, a hundred years ago The lowest in the world were people of Laos (153 cm). Today, The lowest are the people of East Timor (160 cm).


  As for women, it’s a hundred years ago boasted the highest growth of Swedish women (160 cm), and are now the highest Latvian (170 cm). Other top citizens of the world do not have to look far – in the top ten of our neighbors: Lithuanian, Belarussian, Ukrainian, Slovakian, and Czech women.


  Lowest lord it Gwatemalki. Rekordzistkami were already a hundred years ago. But then they measured the average of 140 cm. Record preserved to this day, even though they have an average of 9 cm higher (149 cm).


  Prof. Elio Riboli from Imperial College London at the conference accompanying the conference ESOF commented that – according to various studies – the higher people have a greater life expectancy. It is for them a lower risk of heart disease. On the other hand those below have a lower risk of colon cancer and in lower post-menopausal women is less risk of developing breast cancer, and ovarian carcinomas.


  Riboli admitted that there are indicators that suggest that some senior people cope better when it comes to education. “There are also studies that indicate that taller people may have a better chance of finding a better paid job” – he added.


  As said, the growth of human influence both environmental factors, diet and genetic factors.


  He stressed that the high-rise is linked to the correct diet. As he admitted, is the meaning of the slogan “Drink milk – you’ll be great” – on human growth affects the consumption of protein, including that contained in the milk.


  With Manchester Louis Tomala (PAP)


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