Friday, July 29, 2016

Nokia T-Mobile. Today, this sentence has a completely different meaning – Spider’s Web

Yesterday in the Warsaw headquarters of T-Mobile had the opportunity to see the future LTE network. Representatives of the operator together with Nokia employees showed in practice equipment, allowing for 1.2-gigabit data transfer. T-Mobile and Nokia have very ambitious plans.

Internet LTE few years ago it was a novelty, and is now standard. Operators boldly develop its infrastructure, and in some locations already operates LTE-Advanced. This of course is not the end, and now tests are carried out even faster data transfer.

T-Mobile and Nokia

T-Mobile and Nokia present connection with a throughput of 1.2 Gbps in Warsaw.

the commercial implementation of the new technology is still plenty of time, but today Polish branch of T-Mobile with the help of technicians Nokia presented to representatives of the media equipment that was able to transmit data at over 1 gigabit per second. This is an order of magnitude more than LTE.

Newer LTE-Advanced is able to provide transfers up to 300 Mbps. the company T-Mobile, which represented CTIO of Thomas Lips, illustrated the how fast is tested by their connection. calculated as quickly pobierałoby data stored on optical media. the disc Blu Ray can be downloaded in less than 3 minutes, a CD … in 5 seconds.

T-Mobile and Nokia

This is very good news considering the growth of the Internet.

already global network is heavily loaded due to streaming video. Services VOD responsible for a significant amount consumed by mankind data transfer, and yet in the future will be needed it more and more.

The Internet connection has to be both fast and stable, to lead the wildly popular for live broadcasts . Soon you will want anyway stream not only video games, like today, but also virtual reality.

T-Mobile and Nokia

T-Mobile and Nokia are working on that operators were ready for it.

Brand Nokia Although the consumer market is broken, but the Finns do not They rolled up belongings and took up work on the infrastructure. the result of the work of engineers is the instrumentation, which, thanks to technology 4 × 4 MIMO was able to transfer data four times faster than the LTE-Advanced.

Getting transfers of 1.2 Gbps is not easy. to achieve such an effect was needed aggregation four frequency bands of 20 MHz each. this requires the use of four antennas on both devices that exchange among themselves the data, but thanks to finally transfer to four 300 Mbps.


LTE Advanced will see its successor.

Users who lives near modernized recently base stations not accustomed yet to LTE Advanced and transfers above 300 Mbps, and the network of throughput of 1.2 Gbps in the T-Mobile can be started already, even in the next year.

Transfers of 1.2 Gbps are by no means the peak capabilities. Engineers already have an idea of ​​how the future using a bandwidth of 640 Mhz to create a wireless network LTE Advanced Pro bandwidth … 25 Gbps.

T-Mobile and Nokia

Time for a network 5G?

T-Mobile Poland is not the only operator who is working on such a solution, and transfers the order of 1 Gbps presented earlier Orange whose partner is not Nokia, and another giant of the telecommunications market – Huawei.

Representatives of the Chinese company, moreover, they drew no longer visions of a world in which the current transfer speeds will arouse the same smile of pity that today evokes the memory of the first deployments GPRS and Edge.


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