Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The creator of Gears of War in the strongest terms about Microsoft’s – “They will destroy Steam” – Spider’s Web

CEO studio Epic Games – Tim Sweeney – did not leave a dry thread on Microsoft’s strategy to video games and Steam, allegedly implemented on Windows 10.

Tim Sweeney has previously expressed a very unfavorably about the concept of universal Microsoft applications, complex Windows Store. According to the producer of video games, so engineers Windows they want to shut down the system, gaining full control over it.

The CEO of Epic Games complained to Microsoft that in contrast to other platforms with digital content and their universal applications do not allow installation, download, update and modify the acquired content without strict control from the Windows Store.

steam evaluation game

In other words, if the steam is optional, and its libraries you can add an external fashion, codes and games from the hard drive bought outside platform Valve, so Windows Store does not provide such opportunities. Shop Microsoft’s mandatory. Furthermore, operating as the only link between the consumer and the product.

In summary – Win32 applications exist without Steam, but universal applications on Windows 10 does not exist without the Microsoft Store. Through this operating system from Redmond creates the most closed environment for players in the history of Windows. following this path, CEO of Epic Games concludes that universal applications need to hit the trash.

Today Tim Sweeney is attacking Microsoft once again, again in the context of universal applications for Windows 10 .

According to the president of Epic Games, Microsoft will now slowly and consistently weakened the position of the platform Steam, by impairing the quality of operation of this service. In an interview with Edge Sweeney said:

There is a risk that Microsoft will convince all to use the universal application for Windows. If that happened, he may withdraw from Win32 programs. If this they succeeded, then still a stone’s throw to force everyone to distribute their products only through the Windows Store. Then, in turn, Windows will become a completely closed platform.

Of course it will not be that due to the only decision we turn off the entire library of Steam games. I mean rather a series of clever, minor moves. Such that the renovation to update the use of programs Win32 will become less comfortable and more problematic.

Microsoft forces an update to Windows 10 that over the next years to deteriorate and weaken the position of the competition . Over time, Steam will become increasingly problematic, slow and cranky. Microsoft never officially turn off Steam, no end of support for him, but will slowly and gradually worsen this service. Until, in which players will find that the Windows Store is worthy and functional alternative.

From my point of view, the words of the President of Epic Games is more than just a conspiracy theory. Microsoft is known for “spoiling” of services to direct customers to embrace new solutions. The Redmond do not hesitate to sabotage their own operating systems, in order to “encourage” users to install new software version. Spider’s Web repeatedly reported on such cases.

Shop Windows

however, I am of the opinion that even if she had to look the strategy of Microsoft, over the next few years, it failed to accomplish.

the reason? the incompetence of the technological giant.

Shop Windows some time ago underwent a complete reconstruction and modernization. Despite this, the platform of digital content still looks like it looks, leaving much to be desired.

On the Windows Store complain distributors and players. Although employees Microsoft implement additional solutions and improve the quality of service, this and Steam is still divided into the grand canyon. Examples of tiles of Windows 8 and the universal application of Windows 10, examples of optimized games such as Quantum Break and Gear of War Remastered PC still show that Microsoft can not create a good environment and a good alternative for Win32.



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