Friday, July 22, 2016

Sales of smart watches falling for the first time in history – Virtual Poland

  According to IDC, sales of smart watches has decreased in the last quarter by 32 percent. Consumers refrain from buying new models in anticipation of improved versions of the devices, the trend is particularly evident in the case of Apple, which, despite the decline continues to be a leader.

 International Data Corporation estimates that in the second quarter of 2016. Sold a total of 3.5 million smart watches (last year it was up to 5.1 million). Apple remaining the industry leader (1.6 million sold watches), it was also the only company that recorded such significant declines.

 - Consumers from 2016. Refrain from buying new Apple watches in anticipation of the new version of the device and improved operating system. This led to a sharp halt sales of the first model Watch in recent months – says Jitesh Dressed, senior analyst in the department IDC Mobile Device Trackers. – less interest watch Apple translates into a worse result the entire industry. The current generation of devices also indicate that all manufacturers face similar challenges construction – iterations watches should be the result of a high level of aesthetic and functionality – adds dressed.

 The Cupertino company has today 47 percent. market share (1.6 million sold watches Watch), the second place is taken by Samsung, which, among others, thanks to good sales performance line Gear S2, controls 16 percent. market (600 thousand. watches). Analysts point out that the company was able to make the watch stand-alone device that is not dependent on the smartphone as much as eg. Apple Watch.

 Motorola (Lenovo) sold 300 thousand. watches, which gives the company 9 percent. Moto 360 with a round case and dial of the watch stands out from competitors’ products, and the use of the system allows Android Wear watch to equip Motorola numerous features Fitness.

 Products companies LG and Garmin were respectively 300 thousand. and 100 thousand. buyers. LG produced the first watch with LTE connectivity, while Garmin, which addresses its products primarily for athletes and enthusiasts of physical activity, increase its market share by 100 percent.

 IDC analysts expect that the producers of classic watches will become more active players in this market already in 2016., Which did not happen.
 - Companies Casio, Fossil, Tag Heuer developed Although copyright smart watches, but entering this market with caution. Their presence is essential for the equipment iterations watch functions, which are still waiting customers – indicates Ramon T. Llamas of IDC department wearables.

 Industry has experienced further increases in sales until 2017., Early in the last quarter of the year, when the emergence of new models of watches and purchasing pre-Christmas period, will attract a new crowd of customers.



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