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SIM card registration. How to register a SIM card from individual operators? [GUIDE] –

Mobile phone operators insist that the registration of SIM cards with the starter card is not complicated and it takes just a few minutes. It is worth remembering, however, that the registration is possible only at selected points of sale. Exceptions are the network Virgin Mobile, Plus, and T-Mobile, which offer the opportunity to register starter without leaving home: by courier (Virign Mobile), via SMS (Plus) or by phone (T-Mobile). Registration sms-OWA and telephone provided only for existing customers network.

What to do to register your SIM card?

– The registration card is to pass: name, social security number, series and number of ID card, phone number and SIM card number. A customer who wishes to confirm that it is the owner of a phone number, you should come to the salon or store the SIM card. To register, no need to remove the card from the phone, you just have to show your ID card and give the card – explains Piotr Domanski, chief specialist. Media relations and PR Orange Poland.

– If the number on the the card was activated before the entry into force of the Act, that is, before 25 July 2016, the card you need to register for the February 1, 2017 year. Day after day, that is, on February 2, 2017. Unregistered cards will be turned off. If the card is activated on July 25, 2016, before benefiting from it must be registered. Important here is the date of activation, rather than purchase – cards purchased before July 25, but activated after this date, you must register before using. If you try to use an unregistered card activated after July 25, the customer will be informed relevant message – explains Piotr Domanski.

Register SIM card in Orange

Some operators in order to boost the points that enable registration, cooperated with partner networks. He made sure to Orange, which enables registration in the salons of Orange stores Media Markt and Saturn. Additionally, the operator has prepared bonuses for customers who make registration card.

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– Procedures for registration of pre-paid cards in Orange can now be done in Orange showrooms and stores Media Markt and Saturn. This also applies to the primer purchased in places such as kiosks, petrol stations and supermarkets – said Piotr Domanski. – At the same time customers who choose to already register number, 18 August, we offer 1000 free minutes and 10 GB Internet. We also move to a special customer card offer subscription. We want to encourage them not to postpone a decision at the last moment – he added.

Orange also carries out an information campaign, which obejmuej TV and radio spots, banners, SMS communication-OWA and the Internet. Self-registration can be made by any person over the age of 13.

– For people over the age of 13, the standard procedure, of course, assuming that they have an identity card. Persons under 13 years old must come with a legal guardian, who will record the number on each other. However, migrant register number upon presentation of a passport. If the customer completed 13 years, but does not have an ID card, the procedure is similar as in the case of persons under 13 years of age – the phone registers at each guardian’s – lists Piotr Domanski.

Register SIM card Virgin Mobile

Both new and existing users of Virgin network from July 25 can register the card points partner Virgin Mobile in the country or online, without leaving home. Customers who choose this latter option, given the opportunity to confirm their personal data via courier paid by the operator. When you log in to your account or Virgin Mobile customer service you can check whether the registration was successful.

– We have prepared for our clients two options. The first is the registration of the stationary points Telakces, points GSM partner and sales network TRAFFIC. In the second variant, the customer will be able to fill out an application online, and then, in accordance with the legal requirement, – to confirm your data. This can be done without leaving home by ordering free courier or by going to one of the partner outlets Virgin Mobile. Locations of all the points lead registration cards are available on the website of Virgin Mobile – explains Piotr Suchodolski, marketing director of Virgin Mobile.

Register SIM card in positive territory

Related rules for the registration of SIM cards are valid in positive territory. The operator is in talks with networks and retail outlets, and at the moment registration of prepaid cards provided in the salons of Plus and Cyfrowy Polsat, and since August 1 – by SMS. This second variant has been designed for customers who already have signed at least one agreement with the operator.

– As applicable today the registration of prepaid cards is done only in our points of sale, and it is about 1300 points combined sales network CP Plus and throughout the country. The process should not take longer than a few minutes, so you can say that the customer will be able to use the services of almost “instantly” – says Arkadiusz Majewski, senior specialist in the Department of Corporate Communications Plus. – In addition, from August 1, We will provide people who have already signed agreement with our network registration number prepaid via SMS. the number “card” will be recorded on the data from the agreement – he added.

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due to the introduction of the obligation of registration cards prepeid Plus launched a campaign informsyleacyjną for clients of the card. The campaign was shot advertising spot.

Register SIM Playu

Registration of the SIM card in the network we will play in the showroom or partner. To encourage users of prepaid cards for registration, the operator prepared a special promotion in which you can get gratisty worth up to 500 zł for voice calls, text messages and the Internet.

– The registered SIM card to Play, customers have the opportunity to activate a special bonus – from 100 to 500 zł, depending on the length of the network, to be used for calls, SMS and MMS, and 10 GB of internet and year of validity of the account. In the case of offers on the Internet Play Card bonus for registration is 100 GB and the year of validity of the account. The bonus can be collected for up to 10 SIM cards. The card must be registered with the operator, which provides services for the phone number. After the registration, the most you can go to PLAY and also activate the aforementioned bonus – says Krzysztof Sylwerski network Play.

To check if the registration in the play is successful, you must first enter the code * 111 * 49 * 1 #, then press the “green phone”.

the registration of SIM cards was imposed along with the introduction of the Anti-Terror Law, which comes into force on 25 July 2016 year.

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