Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Google is testing a new useful feature in Maps. This can be a hit – Gazeta.pl

If you’re one of the lucky ones who can test a new feature you will find it in the settings of Google Maps version 9.32. It’s about a mode called “Wi-Fi only” with a dedicated switch, which appeared in place of Rural offline (Offline areas). It seems that this is a development of existing solutions. If you decide to use it Navigation will use mobile data in a very limited range, which is indicated by an appropriate message.

Why is it so important to change? Google Maps despite the navigation function and search using content stored offline often ignore them, still relying on the default mobile data where possible. The exception is the inclusion of air mode, which involves obvious limitations. Option reduction in consumption of mobile Internet certainly meet with a warm reception among users of the application.

 mode Wi-Fi only in Google Maps source Android Police

of course, you will still need at least once within 30 days update the data on maps stored offline, and therefore connect to the Internet to their validity has not expired. For obvious reasons, we do not get traffic information and satellite view, but the typical use of what is should be enough. If this will be promised by the Google option to store maps offline on your SD card, rather than in the device memory, to fully happiness we will not have many missing.

As long as the term update and implementation of the new feature in Google Maps remains a mystery.


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