Monday, July 18, 2016

Ransomware – how to fight it? – Interia


                              Today, July 18 (5:55)

the business world trembles on the slogan” ransomware, “or software infecting your computer or mobile device, and then demanding a ransom for the unlock files. Today, however, the virus encrypts files may be disposed of – just the right software


                              Ransomware is still a very high risk for using computers, and more recently with smart phones


For several months ransomware is one of the biggest threats lurking on both organizations and individual users. Criminals upatrzyli himself in this particular manner blackmail their victims an effective method of making money. Helpless in the face of data loss attacked private users and corporate spend very large sums in order to regain access to valuable information. And yet there is a solution that avoids these unpleasant experiences.

“All the time we are talking about the threat of ransomware – what exactly is why criminals are so successful and winning the this race with consumers and businesses, how to prepare, to avoid having to pay ransom. We also stress how important it is to backup or the preservation of the basic principles of using the Internet. But that’s not all – for several months among the solutions Trend Micro are unique tools for an untraditional recognize the action ransoware and effectively block them without losing any file. ” – Says Michael Jarski, Regional Director CEE at Trend Micro.

Behavioral analysis and multi-level protection

For many months the solutions Trend Micro is a module, which analyzes the behavior of processes on a computer and is able to distinguish between those who normally work in the position of the user (for example, dates back to the drive and modify files) from those that appear suddenly and usually are inoculated with the potential malware. Even in a situation where ransomware through all previous security methods (filters Internet, e-mail, monitoring memory modules that are responsible for identifying known forms of attack to protect access to sensitive areas of the system), there is a level of defense that is able to block a hostile act by fast encryption of individual files stored on disk.

This tool allows you to not only block encryption process, but also to recover the original state of files. In other words, if ransowmare not be noticed by other elements to protect, there is a reliable safety net in the form of behavioral module, which is able to block the attack and play the previous contents of the file. This tool protects Trend Micro customers around the world. Many months of experience have shown that despite the continuous mutation of the virus, is the ability to detect, block and prevent the execution of a successful attack on the computers of individual users and corporate customers. Files are not lost and you do not have to pay any ransom criminals.

Furthermore, the behavioral mechanism used in this case in a very easy way to detect and neutralize the upcoming new forms of threats beyond general currently ransomware. Multilayered defense system will continue to effectively protect the user and his data without having to use and update signatures. This future-proof protection is essential in the current situation constantly changing and increasingly aggressive attacks.


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