Friday, July 15, 2016

Pokemon GO: Madness came to Poznan –

The craze for walking and collecting Pokémon came with all his strength to Poznan and Wielkopolska. Thousands of players comes staring at their smartphones, and looking next to a collection of creatures. All through the application Pokemon GO, through which we can play the virtual trainer Ash Ketchum, like a cult. And if you have already caught all the Pokemon?

Although the application is not yet available in Poland officially (to be available soon), Pokémon craze is in full swing. Facebook has already established the first group, the main Poznan has 1,700 hunters Pokémon, a nationwide until … 37,000. The fun does not have to be anything fancy, just a smartphone with internet access and a lot of time for strolling. Without the latter we did not catch anything.

Pokemon GO is an application that uses the extended reality. The game uses a tailor Google Maps, which imposes certain elements for their play. So we can meet PokéStopy, which contain special items and Pokeball. On his way to meet the gyms (gyms) where coaches can fight each other with the help of Pokémon found earlier. Same pocket monsters (because that is the development of their names) appear on our map depending on whether there is just in our area. This will involve the greatest advantage of the application released by Nintendo.

Thousands of residents of Poznań and the whole Wielkopolska’s on the streets, parks and shopping malls in search of Pokémon. When we meet already a Pokemon can catch him throwing him our Pokeball that the game world is a kind of “trap”. Often to catch some of the Pokémon we have to walk even a few dozen kilometers. This will involve the greatest risk of playing Pokemon GO.

Players are able to cross the street only looking at the screens of their smartphones. They can also enter buildings or into private property just because it can be there to catch Pokemon dream. The network also spread around the information about the player who at the Auschwitz-Birkenau boasted catching … Pokemon poisonous gas.

The game, even though it is not available in all countries, has become a global phenomenon. Shares of Nintendo rose after the release of tens of billions of dollars. For most players, however, it is to catch all the Pokemon. And you, have all caught?


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