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“Pokemon Go” already in Poland – Gazeta Wyborcza

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                          Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go (mat. prom.)



This afternoon game "Pokemon Go" appeared in Polish stores AppStore and Google Play. A few hours climbed to the tops lists of both stores. Players - both new and those who came into possession of application circuitous route - had to be patient, because the servers do not withstand the loads.





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"Pokemon Go": what to eat?

"Pokemon Go" is developed by Niantic game studio using the technique AR (augmented reality - augmented reality). Moving in the real world, the player sets in motion your character, visible in the application map in Google maintained properly Pokémon style.

In this way, can reach:

  • Pokémon - hidden all over the map creatures, heroes of games for portable consoles Nintendo, anime, video games, card games and many other products
  • PokeStopów - points where you can get the necessary in-game items.
  • Gymów (something between gym and stadium) - places after finishing fifth level and selecting one of the three teams player can either fight with the opposing team or to train with her.

Poles are not geese, "Pokemon Go" are

July 6 game was released in the US, New Zealand and the Australian version stores AppStore and Google Play. Rest of the world (including the native, after all Pokemon for Japan!) Had to wait. Not waited - the network is rife with articles explaining how to download "Pokemon Go", not having an account in the appropriate version of the listed stores. The same thing happened in Poland.

Today Poles can now download the application completely legally. Provided they have a phone / tablet running iOS (8.0 or higher) or Android (4.4 and higher), gyroscope, camera and GPS module.

From the south, outside the US, Australia and New Zealand, which first got access to "Pokemon Go", the game is also available in most European countries. Servers responded immediately - to thrust players simply stopped working. The situation improved after hours. 18.

to disable servers confessed hacker group PoodleCorp., But considering the madness that possessed the world, and the current problems with the stability of the game, I did not have at the same time help.

"Pokemon Go", and perhaps better stop?

Since its launch last battle of arguments is it worth it to play? Proponents argue that the game forces you to physical activity brings people together, builds community and using the most modern techniques develops imagination. Opponents serve another, false or not, the news of the deaths - a career she made a rumor about a player who fell from the bridge, trying to catch pokemon - or requiring hospitalization.

They are wrong and they both. The application requires While crossing a certain distance and / or visit unfamiliar areas close to where they live players, but after a walk with his eyes fixed on the smartphone screen is not the healthiest thing you can pamper yourself. A good portion of users will probably play mainly on the way to work and back home.

Approaching people? The same caveat as above - it's hard to build a network of friends, catching just a strange creature on the phone screen. Game developers promise the development of social features (such as Pokemon enable the exchange between players and walk outside Gymami), but as long as they are not in the game, there is nothing to get excited about.

A state of the art techniques? Map and camera phone, so that we can see the pokemon on the street, couch, even in the refrigerator. It's interesting, sometimes funny, but it's not a revolution.

Meanwhile, opponents of "Pokemon Go" hit the indignant tone: end of the world, people are crazy, we colonize Mars, and run a virtual mice barely fleeing death from trucks.

Parts of players probably reflected and have a chance to win Darwin Award, but after all, it does not mean that the application is evil. We just ran out of reason.

It is understandable outrage representatives of a kind of museum in Auschwitz and the Holocaust Museum in New York, which in the wake of the emerging players moved there creatures - often to chance and having a history in the nose. This is not consistent with the seriousness of these places, but I will defend your application: Pokemon were scattered almost all over the map Google. I doubt that everything was set manually. Sooner uses an algorithm assigning specific points in the game points described as important by Google. I hope that after receiving the relevant reports Niantic remedy the situation - as removed Gym located near the border between the two Koreas on the north side.

The success of "Pokemon Go" is largely based on nostalgia today's 20-, 30-year-olds for childhood when playing Pokemon on Game Boy'ach and viewed dedicated to the anime. If someone wants to play and keeps common sense, it will be played, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Golden eggs "Pokemon Go"

four days after the release of the application share price Nintendo classic games publisher and co-owner of the license for Pokemon, increased by 36 percent. This is a big success, especially after the bad Passie company in recent years.

Graph & # x105; cy popular & #  x15B; & # x107; phrase

a graph showing the popularity of phrases" Pokemon Go "(red)," Game of Thrones "(blue)," Porn "(yellow) and" European Union "(green) in the search engine Google in the last month . Well you can see the days on which there were new episodes of "Game of Thrones" weekend increases interest in pornography and five minutes of fame European Union after Brexicie. Pokemon pierced but all of /

However, in order to maintain the achieved level, "Pokemon Go" must be profitable. The application itself is free, so one of the sources of revenue will be micropayments. Players can trade in the range of 5-480 zł.

In the game, there is also the possibility of leaving in some places "bait" on Pokemon - ruled that the benefit of the local entrepreneurs to download new customers. In addition, the "Pokemon Go" will offer "sponsorship" places. For now, the portal mentions one of the Asian countries, in which all McDonalds restaurants' to be Gymami - and yet raising, belching and defense Gymów is one of the most interesting options in the game.


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