Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Viber Skype instead? More and more universal application for Windows – dobreprogramy

I must admit that in recent months realized conceived by Microsoft as one of the greatest advantages of Windows 10, the concept of Universal Windows Platform. More and more of the most popular programs is available as a universal application – this time announced the release of a stable version of the popular instant messaging Viber.

For users disappointed completion support Skype on older mobile Windowsach, a good choice might be just Viber. The universal application, users gain access to useful new features, among other things, (essential for a decision disillusioned Microsoft on Skype) the possibility of conducting video calls on smartphones with Windows.

In addition, Viber longer supports the function of fast response, allowing a text message, you can respond from the notification center, without displaying the application. A useful option is the ability to pin specific chat to a windows Start Menu. In addition, also added integration with the assistant Cortana. We still lack information about when it will be available in Polish language version. For more information on the new application can be found on the blog Viber.

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During the year that passed since the release of Windows 10, the development of Universal Windows Platform took quite an unexpected turn. When it became clear that the mobile Windows and Lumie is one of the greatest failures in Microsoft’s history, it would seem that universal applications lose their raison d’être.

The Corporation, however, retained his composure, so that developers publish today simply new versions of its applications steadily diminishing share of the software Win32, though of course this applies above all users who do not need happiness nothing more than a browser and instant messaging.

Most was seen in the case of Skype. Accepting the premise web interface and data to the cloud, not on the basis of P2P protocol, it resulted in new applications, and one of them even went on Linux. At the same time they suffered here mobile users of Windows 8 and 8.1. Machina UWP thus makes forward, although it is difficult to make the intended originally by Microsoft direction. The application can be found in our database software.


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