Monday, July 25, 2016

End of an era. The famous site was sold to Yahoo! – Republic

The new owner was the telecommunications company Verizon. He bought part of the operation Yahoo! – search, communication system, and the entire infrastructure of advertising, a major source of revenue.

With the transaction were separated Japanese operations Yahoo !, several smaller companies and a jewel in the crown – a stake in the Chinese group e- Alibaba commerce. Yahoo! in the annual report states that can boast a number of 1 billion users, which is difficult to verify.

Verizon appeared among the potential candidates to take over. The company underlined that such a purchase would be in the circle of its interests.

The transaction has been speculated for a long time. Yet in 2015. Investors insisted on separation of the company’s most valuable assets, led by Ali Baba shares to the new company, which was to be sold through the stock exchange. With operations is withdrawn, which started operation sale of the core business.

As stated in its database Nasdaq, 749 institutional investors controlled 77.6 percent. capital of the company.


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