Saturday, July 30, 2016

How to register a pre-paid card – Republic

About two months ago they took off the first campaigns Polish mobile operators, encouraging consumers to register pre-paid telephone cards. But it was only last Monday, July 25, the law that makes it compulsory registration of SIM cards purchased after July 24. This applies to both the card acquirer and the operator and in practice, all of which are involved in the sale of services.

The user, if he wants to use the purchased with primer telephone number, he must register the card. Operator and until the registration card should not allow the user to use the services.

So much theory. Before everything starts to run like clockwork, it will be probably a lot of time. For now, they not all know about the new rules. Introduced a long time ago to sell starters with prepaid cards often do not contain information about the need to register at all. Sellers (especially employees of stores other than showrooms operators) do not have sufficient knowledge and transmit it to buyers. Besides, as we mentioned in the stores still can buy SIM cards pre-paid, so the consumer can feel confused.

You should know that, contrary to information given by some media in the purchase of a new prepaid SIM card nothing changes. Cards still find in many places: from the living room operator website (this is especially important in the case of virtual operators who lounges rather not have), the gas stations, supermarkets and local shops on the kiosks. Easily we buy the recharge. However, to use either one or the other, you must first register the card. And here, once there is a problem.

Not every point of sale prepaid card will carry out such registration. The good news is that the operators are negotiating with distributors and over time, you can register the card almost everywhere where they are on sale. For now, however, the biggest mobile operators: Orange, Plus, T-Mobile and Play lead registration cards primarily in their showrooms: both in our own and partner. Orange also reports that can be done in Saturnach or Media Markt, but warns that specific.


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