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The circulation theory, the problem of piracy concerns mainly digital content – games, movies and music. Pirate However, you can become not only downloading illegal software, but also buying fakes.

The problem is real, and its a fraction of its scale shows the Facebook group dedicated to purchases on Aliexpress. You can learn from them, that men are actively looking for counterfeit watches Casio G-Shock and shoe brands such as Nike and New Balance. Women also order the above products, but in addition they are looking for Converse shoes, watches Daniel Wellington, as well as handbags Louis Vuitton and Michael Kors. Examples of such is much more and can be exchanged virtually indefinitely.

Poorly made, problematic and … not so cheap.

All of these products have several features in common. Not only are they cheaper than their originals, but often turn out to be worse than they made. The watches Casio G-Shock virtually never act guidelines pressure gauge, and with Converse shoes can come off all the “Company” stamps. Of course, also in the traditional and online stores you can hit the felerne products, but in case of any problems can be easily advertise. In the case of purchase on Aliexpress shipping the damaged item, in many cases, it can cost more than the product itself.

On the possibility of a complaint of the goods affected mainly the time of his transport. When you select the most popular, free shipping options to receive the goods have to wait long for weeks or even months. It is therefore expected that the reference and re-obtain it will take even longer, of course, if you use the mail service, not a courier. Add to that the duration of the warranty process and re-return of the product to Polish. Then it turns out that the product is better to buy in Poland or even in Europe. Unfortunately, using this path will not obtain the better product, and the next low-quality fakes. Finally, the total price of fakes and process warranty coverage can amount to more than the cost of the original.

& # x15A; piggy bank

Besides, similar examples overpaying for fakes concerned also multimedia and software. An example of this is my friend from childhood that the fake version of Baldur’s Gate recorded on five CDs paid 125 zł, while playing the same game on release cost the store a little more, because 159 zł. Although it was proud of himself, because he was able to stargować cost game with 150 zł. do not pay any attention to that for 30 zł more would buy a full-fledged, original game enriched with additives such as printing on CDs, owner and collector’s box. Just behave, people who prefer to pay for access to services such, rather than opt for the full legal , much more convenient, and only slightly more expensive alternative in the form of Netfliksa or other legitimate VOD services.

saving? more important is safety!

Counterfeit products may also affect the health of our or our loved ones. Sunglasses are often deprived of filters that protect our eyes from UV rays. Imitating Lego blocks are created without European standards and can be harmful to children. In 2015, the matter was loud toys created with illegal in the European Union type of plastic.

It turned out that this material expanded after immersion in liquid. If the child has swallowed a toy, it could lead to intestinal blockage. This without proper surgical treatment would lead even to the death of a child. Other examples of harmful toys artificial vessels painted with paint containing lead or a hallucinogenic. Both types of paint also cause cancer.

The dangerous goods are also chargers and batteries. Once in a while you hear about smartphones that explode during operation, while seriously injuring the user. It turns out that neither one case, there was not the holder of the original battery. In such cases, most often to blame cell that has been overloaded. Branded batteries have adequate security buffer that protects against such a danger.


Manufacturers of cheap substitutes sometimes decide to increase the capacity of the battery relative to the buffer. Such equipment looks more attractive on the shelf, but it is dangerous . the number of such mishaps have declined significantly since the most popular of limited use removable batteries. Currently produced batteries have a constant energy capacity, and it is very difficult to create a more efficient cell without increasing its size. it is worth remembering when making electronic purchases.

security problem also applies to close geek topic chargers. Some time ago I spent the entire entry and checked the difference between a battery charger worth 19 dollars. from such as 3 dollars. the differences between these appliances was huge. Cheaper accessory was less components and tracks. in addition, they used the parts were characterized by a very low quality of workmanship, which is clearly visible when used in both chargers converters.

Forget also to observe any safety standards. There it uses a sufficiently large gap between the circuits, so even a little moisture can cause a short circuit. The last very important disadvantage cheaper charger was to use only one layer of insulation, and in the form of varnish. If you get a scratch on it or some other flaw, the effects can be devastating. The more expensive accessory used up three layers of security. The quality of both the equipment confirmed laboratory tests. Original provide stable voltage and power, completely different than counterfeit accessory.

Why customers buy fakes?

According to psychologists led by Dr Xuemei Bian from the University of Kent, the most important motive for such purchases is the desire to have luxury items and increasing use them to their social position. They decide to do first of all the inhabitants of the developing countries, which only reach their position. Such people can not afford as much as residents of western countries. But those are not in favor of buying counterfeit products.

The desire to save and the possibility of having a fashionable item are not the only reasons why people decide to buy fakes. Many people like to feel a thrill due to the purchase of goods at a bargain price. Other excites the same vision of buying not entirely legitimate items. Importantly, a large part of people buying such goods do not see nothing wrong with that and justify their actions. Sometimes they say that they did not make forgery or even that in this way they advertise genuine goods.

factory workers textbook & # XF3;  sponge

Especially the last mentioned argument is absurd. Buying counterfeit goods is an admission that the original is not worth the money. But fakes are very often much lower quality than the originals. Someone saw us in disintegrating shoes can recognize that these are not the most durable. Even the same buyer does not realize the low-quality fakes. that is why you can often meet up with comments like “the Chinese Converse for 70 zł not withstand even two weeks. I do not know how people can pay for it in the store 250 zł.. “Hands fall.

because counterfeits can fall sale of original products.

Example of life will easily explain this phenomenon. My friend bought the original watch from Daniel Wellington. the next day, the colleague at work heard, “Oh, well you came from China, how much did you wait?”. Here we are talking about a relatively inexpensive watch, costing a few hundred dollars . How does however feel the woman who had long spared even thousands of dollars to buy your dream bag, then someone complains her buying fakes? Well, none of us want to get mistaken for a thief.

This does not mean, however, that buying anything in China is bad. Just more than a brand, pay attention to product quality. Same as I do. Therefore Aliexpress willing to buy all kinds of kitchen accessories, small items that do not need a logo to intrigue me. In turn, the clothes I accumulate mainly in the outlets, where a good quality product pay a low amount. Importantly, no one at the same time does not steal from.

Specially used the word “theft”. Many people forget because the Chinese are selling their products cheaper not only because of their low quality. They can do this because they prey on someone else’s intellectual property. They do not have to design the product, examine its expected popularity, advertise it. And it is this aspect changes everything and makes the counterfeiting of shoes, clothes and cosmetics is very similar to the theft of intellectual property.

Production of the goods is not equal to inventing and help promote the fashion for him.

About including how it affects the price of the product you can be seen in the mobile phone industry. The estimated cost of the production of Samsung’s Galaxy S7 is less than 1000 zł. Reviewing comments on texts devoted to this issue could read that Koreans thus take advantage of consumers and draw them money. It must be remembered that the smartphone should first design. Development work absorb huge amounts in the case of Samsung only in 2015 spending on them amounted to $ 14 billion.

The cost should not be a creation of software and marketing activities, so that we are interested in the product. Moreover, these activities can not be measured as easily as screws, housing or ekranu.Przykład This clearly shows that the production of fakes is simply unfair. Perfectly aware of this Western society. There is social acceptance for the use of counterfeit goods is much lower than in Poland.


Also in our country, the law clearly defines the issue of the sale of counterfeits. In Poland, the greater responsibility for this lies with the seller. If it is considered guilty introduction of fakes on the market he faces a fine, restriction of liberty or even imprisonment for up to two years. the penalty two years may be increased to five if the sale of counterfeit will be for that person a permanent source of income.

also, the holder fakes can be punished if transportation into it into the European Union. the penalty for this will not be severe. a person with a pair of counterfeit shoes and perfume bottle just go lose. if the tax collector considers that wwozimy fakes for commercial purposes (for example due their large quantity), we will be responsible for the desire to be marketed as an entrepreneur.

in general, Polish practice of applying the law accepted that the enjoyment of the fakes do not expose we still criminal liability, eg. due to fencing. At least when we’re talking about the consumer, who (often unconscious) purchased in a dodgy online store. Liability of the seller or manufacturer is in fact significant. But beware, not every right to be in the present case as liberal and, for example, leaving the counterfeit sneakers to Western Europe we already count with potentially trouble. – Says James Kralka, a lawyer and a guardian of the legal department at

pirate does not always use the torrents

It should be admitted that piracy of games, music and movies do not It is so different from buying counterfeit shoes, handbags or watches. In the end, even before the Internet era as the aforementioned digital goods bought on the plates, received a copy of their physical and stolen was only (or rather up!) All inserted in her work. On the occasion of obtained goods cheaper and inferior quality.

And just as it was said that after copying CDs is not equal to the physical elevation of the box with the game from the store, and now many people say that the creation of shoes, watches or torbek it nothing wrong. I probably will not change it until they did not begin to make reasonably well to be able to freely buy genuine goods. If you gets tame them, and the release of several hundred gold for good quality perfume, pants or shoes will not be for most of us a problem, almost no one will want to reach for the worse made more problematic, and sometimes even dangerous goods, whose only advantage is low price.


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