Tuesday, July 26, 2016

What comes from a combination of BlackBerry, Android and strange names? BlackBerry DTEK50 – Spider’s Web

There are still fans of the BlackBerry? Sure they are. So the message is short – a Canadian company has for you a new smartphone that can replace your worn-Z10, Z30 and the like. Well, almost gone.

Almost, because different “but” here is so much that is not known until too much of you here at all to start. First of all, it is only partly the product BlackBerry. Yes, the product, not the phone, because the device itself is the work of none other than Alcatel. Yes, the back we find the characteristic, unmistakable logo BB, but the rest is nothing more than Alcatel Idol 4. 4, without the “s”.

Consequently, on board is not working already dead almost every respect BlackBerry 10 and Android 6.0 Marshmallow. This is what it made the biggest changes, and these make it possible to end talk about Idol 4 with the revised logo, and about product BlackBerry.

The safest Android phone in the world

At least the BlackBerry just led to this change introduced by the company. So we have instant software updates and patching system errors, application DTEK, the system safe startup and additional verification components, a number of amendments in the Android, encryption memory in accordance with FIPS 140-2 and several other facilities.

Then there yet the mass of original programs, additions and overlays on BlackBerry – keyboard, Hub, calendar, address book and other, which could read, among others, in our review Priva. So rather standard “BlackBerry Android.”

What about under the hood?

Well, if there were some unlikely drastic changes, the same as in Alcatel Idol 4. display 5.2 “with a resolution of Full HD, 3 GB RAM, 16 GB of memory, microSD card connector, Qualcomm Snapdragon 617, Adreno 405, an additional function key on the side, great speakers, and more moderately good camera with a sensor resolution of 13 MPX .

blackberry dtek50

Anyway, if you want to learn more about how performs this phone, welcome to our review … Alcatel Idol 4, which appears on our pages later in the week.

Okay, okay. What’s it called?

and here is the problem. BlackBerry had two tasks to accomplish – to prepare and protect Android, and come up with a name for its latest phone. and as far as the first task complied probably perfectly, so much the name is, well, average attractive.

the new smartphone BlackBerry is BlackBerry DTEK50.

the origins of the name is rather obvious, but it does not change the fact that – even if it is a product aimed mainly or even exclusively for corporate clients – it does not sound too attractive. All in all, it sounds more like a marking manhole cover or something like that. And I remember the time when the world BlackBerry was convinced that he was waiting for something like a BlackBerry Gladiator. Well.


Besides the obvious, resulting from the security of Android, of course they are. One of the biggest will be the price of the device, which should be around 299 dollars. on release. And if in fact the biggest flaw androidowych BlackBerry (actually one) was the price, it is DTEK50 this problem very interesting solution. If not, well, it could be one of the last phones with the logo that we see.

Although I think we mentioned it many times, and then the market entered another BlackBerry smartphone. And after him again and again. So maybe this time succeed?


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